We Have A Winner!

One bride, two dress shops, three bridesmaids and four hours. That's what it took to find Lisa's wedding dress today. After a quick stop for bagels and caffeine, we arrived at the Ventura store just after it opened at 10:30. Lisa tried on several dresses but didn't find one that was 'perfect'.

By 11:30, we were on the road to Santa Barbara. What should have been a 35 minute drive took over one and a half hours - traffic was moving at a crawl the entire way. Even with that, we arrived 15 minutes before Lisa's 1:30

Santa Barbara Bridal is much bigger than the first store, with a large selection of very nice dresses. Lisa, Danielle and Marie went through the racks, pulling out dresses for Lisa to try on. (Breanne had to leave after the Ventura store due to another family obligation.) Within an hour, Lisa had narrowed the field to four beautiful gowns. After trying each one on again, she settled on a stunningly gorgeous Vera Wang creation.

And no, I'm not going to describe the dress or show a picture. Lisa wants to hold with tradition and not let Matt see the dress before the wedding. Trust me though,
she will be a beautiful bride.

With the important things out of the way, we had lunch at an open air Italian restaurant (no cannoli though. bummer.) and took a stroll down Santa Barbara's State St. The jacaranda trees were in full bloom and made a lovely backdrop.
Not so lovely (from my point of view anyway) were the friends that Lisa and Marie made. Fortunately, it was a temporary friendship and the, er, charmers were returned to Santa Barbara Reptile Rescue. I was willing to touch, but not hold, the snakes. Danielle, on the other hand, stood well away from the action. She's probably the smartest one of the group.

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Sharon said...

What a fun day. :D