FO'ing Along

Finished another shawl, my 5th for the 10 Shawls in 2010 Challenge and another stashbuster since I made it with Rowan Kid Silk Haze I've had since July 2008. I think the beads add just the right touch of pizazz. Details are here.

Also completed an entrelac crochet scarf for a class I'm teaching in May. I've made this before using Noro Silk Garden; this time I used Crystal Palace Mochi Plus, which is much softer and just as colorful as Noro. Project details are here. Love the drape and the texture. This could easily become my new favorite scarf.


Grrrrrr - and an FO

When I blocked my shawl Friday night, I forgot about how curious Lily is (a nicer way of saying she's a pain in the a**.) Usually, I block projects in my craft room where I can shut the door and keep her out. But this shawl was so big I needed more space, hence the living room layout.

And I woke up the next morning to this - my darling little PITA kitten must have spent most of the night carefully pulling out my blocking pins. Can you say 'not amused'?
Despite Lily's assistance, the shawl - #4 in my 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge - has been blocked, photographed and worn. I love how silky cool it feels; love the drape, love the colors. Project details are here and a link to the yarn creator's Etsy store is here. I think this one is going to get lots of wear.


Our Newest Driver

Skateboard day (here) convinced me that Leia needed a wheeled vehicle of her own so she could hang out with the big kids. A kiddy-sized skateboard would have been cute, but I didn't want to be responsible for the injuries you know would have followed; a tricycle was my next thought but, although she's wearing size 3 clothes, 20-month old Leia isn't quite ready for that yet.

But this - was a huge hit. (If you click to enlarge the picture, you can see her bling flower sandals.) From the minute the parts came out of the box, Leia was in love with her car.

We had trouble keeping her out of it long enough for Dick to put the whole thing together (and it fought him the entire way; it wouldn't have been an easy job, even without a 4-year-old helping and a 1-year-old supervising.) When he took a break to run home for a bigger hammer (Isn't that every guy's motto? "If at first it doesn't work, just find a bigger hammer.") I gave in and let Leia ride. There's no door and the steering wheel didn't work but she didn't care. Foot power and grandma steering got her where she wanted to go.
This thing is going to be hours and hours of entertainment for Leia. She's absolutely enthralled with her Cozy Coupe. Almost too much so. When Miles leaned in too close to the car, Leia smacked him in the eye. Poor Miles; he's so sweet and gentle with Leia, it never even occurred to him to retaliate.

When we left, Matt was trying to herd the kids inside and Leia was putting up a fuss at being separated from her treasure. I bet Dick that the car would end up inside along with Leia, rather than in the garage as planned. I won.


Shawl of Giantness

My latest shawl is done and blocking (details here).

Didn't realize how weirdly I blocked this until I saw the crooked pictures.

This thing is huge, well over 900 yards of DK weight cotton yarn. My yarn shop buddies saw it when it was still unblocked and assured me it isn't too big. Let's just say I'm not totally convinced. We'll see tomorrow when it comes up off the blocking board.


UFO Update

Making progress on a couple of UFO's*. A cabled sweater (Ravelry link) from Crochet World, December 2009, made with Valley Yarns 'Northhampton' wool yarn from my stash. Just need to finish the neck (I'm on the third re-do; didn't like how it was in the pattern so I'm making it my own), sew on the buttons, weave in all the ends and I'm done. Hoping to wear this to my crochet class next Tuesday. (Baby hand provided for scale.)
I broke my yarn diet to buy this color-changing cotton. I love how it shades from color to color (brown to banana to orange). I bought the corresponding skein that shades back again so this shawl will go from brown through orange and back to brown. The pattern is Lily Chin's Mock Faroese Shawl that I've made before. I wanted a simple pattern that would allow the yarn to shine - I think this is going to be a winner.

*UnFinished Objects


Leia In Action

Matt sent me videos of Leia building up a tower, then trying to blow it down. I swear that girl is going to be an engineer.


Keeping Me Young

Keeping up with the baby grands is either going to keep me young or send me early to bed, exhausted. I'm betting on the later at this point.
I went over to babysit for a couple of hours and, courtesy of daylight savings time, we spent the entire time outdoors with the kids riding skateboards and Razr bikes and chasing tennis balls. ALL the kids - 19 month old Leia loudly insisted on getting to do everything the big kids got to do. She loved riding the skateboard; the look on her face as she went down the street was pure joy.When Naia got tired of giving Leia rides on the 'board, grandma plopped herself down and away we went. Don't know whether or not to be happy there's no photographic evidence. And after 2 hours of running up and down the cul-de-sac, I'm not the only one who's going to sleep well tonight.


Baby Day

Leia spent last night and today with us. As soon as she was dressed today, she insisted it was time to go for a walk. Nothing we could do dissuaded her - she was adamant she was going outside.

Hurry up, Grandma
Blowing kisses
Off and running

Did you notice Leia's walking around in her socks? She's outgrown her shoes - again - so we stopped at Target to get her a pair of tennis shoes (and sandals; I couldn't resist the ones with sparkly flowers) before heading to the newly remodeled kids play area at the local mall.
Leia couldn't believe that all those kids were there just to play with her. She loved anything that had stairs and a slide, going up and down over and over and over again. The girl is fearless.We had one very tired, but happy, baby by the time we headed home.


Hoppy Easter

We started the Easter holiday yesterday, going with Naia and Leia to the local community center for an egg hunt and jolly jump session. Leia wasn't sure what she was supposed to do with the plastic eggs she found - she tried putting them in her basket, then taking them out and putting them back on the ground where she'd gotten them. She got the hang of it before the little kids' hunt was over; she especially liked taking them apart and putting them back together again. The kid's going to be an engineer; she loves seeing how things work. Today was brunch at Matt and Chris's house, complete with Leia chomping down on her first drumstick (with lots of grandma supervision.) Hoppy Easter, everyone!


He Made Me

It's been a very long time since I've felt the need to have the latest and greatest computer gizmo, especially on the day it's released. But Dick suggested I might like an Apple Ipad, that he really (really) thought it would be great for our trips, that I could download and read books while traveling - in color no less - and surf the web and upload photos and he wouldn't have to bring along the laptop and... He sold me on it. Two stores later (the first was already sold out of the 32 & 64 gig versions when we got there at noon) I have my very own latest and greatest toy. Can't wait to play!


Fell Off the Yarn Wagon

Went to the yarn store to pick up a check and set my class schedule for the next 4 months - I swear that was all I was going to do - and walked out with $85 worth of yarn. Don't know why Lois bothers to pay me, I just give the money right back to her.

I've been really good about using only stash yarn since January; the only stuff I've bought up until now has been for classes. But the yarn fumes definitely got me today. Going back on the wagon now, at least until after vacation.

  • Zauberball Lace, 860 yards of lace-weight yumminess, in shades of orange because the colors will look like this when it's done. (You really need to click that link; the colors are stunningly beautiful.)
  • Filatura Di Crosa Tempo, a cotton/acrylic blend that looks and feels like silk, in a blend of brown, orange and teals.