Scrappin' in the Desert

Today is the first day of Scrap Camp! For several years, a bunch of us have gotten together at least once a year to scrap for an entire weekend. We usually go to a wonderful scrap camp in Bluebird - with gourmet meals & fancy linens & fabulous views of Lake Arrowhead - but this year we just couldn't do it. So Vickie volunteered her house for a family version of camp.

Vickie, Ellen and I scrapped today from 1 until about 11 pm. I finished 8 pages (4 double page spreads) in my Paris album. My goal for the weekend is to complete this book. If I make as much headway tomorrow as I did today, I may (fingers crossed!) actually get it done. Except for the journaling. I'm leaving space on each page for that. Once I get home I'll sit down at the computer and do all the journaling at once. I find it much easier that way.

No pictures today, although I do have some - I just don't know how to get them into Vickie's computer.

Having a great time at camp - wish you were here!


Wenona said...

I miss you guys! You know I'd be there if I weren't getting ready for my in-law's 50th anniversary party. Okay, I admit, I'm being 'anal' about having everything "just so".
I MISS YOU! Have fun!

Sharon said...

It blows my mind that you and yours had scrap camp the exact same weekend my sisters and I had it.

I know we all talked about doing Arrowhead the last weekend in July (I guess that's why ?) - too funny.

My sisters and I are planning ours to be an annual event also. I'm blown away - what a coincidence.