Construction. Again.

Phase II of the never ending construction project is about to get underway. It will, fortunately, be a much smaller, faster project than the first phase - but I think it is going to be more inconvenient. Now that Marie and Gary have moved upstairs, we are going to combine the three downstairs bedrooms into a master suite. Dick will do most of the work but the same contractor that did the remodel will do some of this phase also. Like cut holes in the walls where the new doors will go.

My current closet will be torn out so an arched doorway can connect our bedroom with what was Marie's room. The closet in Marie's old room will be torn out to accommodate a doorway into what is now my craft room. Marie's room will become a sitting room between our bedroom and the old craft room - which will become a closet. All of it. 14 x 14 closet. Life is good.

Or it will be once this phase is complete. Did you notice that all the closets are being torn out? And you naturally wondered where all the, er, stuff that was in those closets will go during construction? In the pool table room, of course!
Dick built temporary racks for our clothes. It will be inconvenient during construction, but when it's done - heaven.

I have a few things I'm planning to enter in the Ventura County Fair this year. The fair doesn't start until August, but entries must be submitted this weekend. So what did I do tonight? Started a new project. I want to make this cabled baby sweater for Addison; in Christmas red rather than the white shown in the picture. I finished the back tonight. That leaves the front, two sleeves and piecing it together. By Friday. Good thing babies are small!


Sharon said...

What an adorable sweater!! :D

I thought my 6'x 11' closet was going to be heaven - 14' x 14' AMAZING!!! Can I store some of my stash at your house?

jenknits said...

Oh my, house remodeling can be such a bear - but a studio sounds great! And I love the fireplace/tv combo. Your husband is so talented! What pattern is the cabled sweater? It is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were entering items in the fair. Way cool! I'll even 'go' to the fair this year just to see your name and work.

Did you decide where to get everything for the closet? Remember, customer service at Closet World is awful. They drove us crazy!