Flower Fae Quilt

The first in the next pair of Quarantine Rule quilts is done

and its partner is waiting patiently in line for long-arm quilting. 

I started this a year ago, when Marie picked the pattern and fabric to go with the fairy panel I’d found on the quilt store run. 

 Backing fabric

I’d put off making it because it required quilty maths - the panel pieces were bigger than what was called for in the pattern, so all the other pieces had to be adjusted size-wise. 

But once I quit worrying and started cutting, this came together surprisingly quickly.

I’d planned to give this to Marie on her birthday but since it’s technically not a birthday present - and I hate waiting once a quilt is done - she got it a little early. I think she likes it. 



PopPop made the girls a giant chalkboard

and Jac loves it.

It’s new home will be in my craft room so Jac can play school while Leanne does her distance learning.

I’m betting that as soon as school is out for the summer, the girls will use this every day . . . to play school. It’s going to get so much use. 


Fence Me In

A few weeks ago we noticed one section of our backyard fence looked odd.

Turns out the recent winds, combined with old age and the neighbor’s dogs, had broken off several support posts at ground level. The only thing keeping the fence upright was the neighbor’s trees. 

Two estimates and several neighborly discussions later, the old fence came down

and a pretty new fence took its place.

 Awaiting the clean-up crew

That fresh, new wood is going to look even better when my Mother’s Day present gets started. Stay tuned!


Tula Nova

Another quarantine finish.

I’m ridiculously pleased with this little quilt. I hand-sewed the English paper-pieced circle and hand-appliquéd it to the green fabric

than had it machine quilted by My Pal Debbie.

I started Nova a year and a month ago, in a workshop with Tula Pink herself. 

 Backing fabric

It was quilted and ready for binding in March, just as the pandemic hit. So, I put quilting aside and switched to making masks.

 Center medallion 

Two months later, it took less than two days to attach the binding and take a few beauty shots. 

 Whale and seahorse

My Nova isn’t as colorful as the original pattern but I was determined to use only the fat quarter bundle I’d previously purchased. Limiting myself sure made fabric selection decisions easier!

I love the calm, peaceful feel of the finished quilt. 

 Manta ray

And all the hidden surprises Tula adds to her fabrics. 

Sea dragons, anyone?  

And before anyone else asks, this baby is all mine!


In Trouble, Again

Somebody fell sleep during a 10 minute car ride late this afternoon, 

which means she’ll probably be awake until midnight. 

Since I was already in trouble, I treated her to a chocolate Frosty, then sent her home. 

Being a grandma is AWEsome. #sugarhigh #notsorry


Wedding Roller Coaster

First a wedding - 

for a favorite niece and her very dashing fella. Even without social distancing, I bet they would have chosen a meadow venue. So beautiful. This was my first experience with Zoom meetings. Leanne, who uses it every week for distance learning, was kind enough to give me some pointers and I’d read enough to know how to use the “mute” button so I didn’t embarrass myself. . .

Leanne’s class has been studying force and motion. 

One of the optional assignments was to design and build a roller coaster, so that’s how she and Pop spent their morning. 

Leanne came up with the design and did all the work. Pop was there for encouragement and a little how-to help.

Didn’t she do a great job? She was so pleased with herself. 

Distance learning at it’s finest. 


Tie Dye Day

We took a break from distance learning on Monday for an outdoor art class. 

Pop found cotton sheets for a reasonable price on eBay

so I rounded up some tie dye supplies,

pinned the sheets down with rocks

and turned the girls loose. 

I thought Leanne might try some fancy designs using the kit’s rubber bands

but both girls were happy to just spray color at will. 

Or where the wind took it. Pro tip - don’t expect to stay clean when tie dyeing on a windy day. 

Jac was very annoyed when she couldn’t wash the dye off her hands, legs, face and shirt. Oopsie. 

 Leanne’s masterpiece

We let the dye set overnight, then did a vinegar soak followed by a wash and dry on high heat.  

 Jac’s new bed cover

The dye didn’t stay as vibrant as I’d hoped - maybe due to the sheets’ 30% polyester content and/or that we didn’t get the fabric wet before applying the dye - 

 Tie dye T-shirt - she used the rubber bands!

but the girls had fun and that’s what matters. 

And I have more dye for this guy and his big sister when she gets back from her mom’s. That’s going to be another super fun day. 


Avocado Explosion

Donovan really enjoys his food.

Glad I’m not the one in charge of clean up.


Quilty Progress

I’ve made more progress than I expected this week.

 Can’t show the top till it’s been gifted. 

The fairy quilt top is done and heads out for long-arm quilting as soon as Marie picks backing fabric tomorrow. This isn’t a birthday quilt, per se, but my plan is to have it finished by her bday in June. 

Charming Lucy’s four rows are sashed and sewn together. I’m hoping to attach the row sashing tomorrow and decide whether or not to add a border. 

Lucy’s original plan called for five rows but I mangled a couple of blocks - and have no extra charm squares - so I think she looks just fine a tad bit shorter. I’m not a big fan of square quilts but this one is growing on me.  



Tuesday was Jac’s turn to cook. 

She had trouble at first 

getting the beans to "snap" 

but she was determined to succeed. 

And no, she wouldn’t eat them.