A Fair Day

For the first time in 20+ years, I've entered items in the county fair. The Guild is encouraging members to enter items, especially in the spinning and weaving categories. Entries have declined in recent years and Fair staff is thinking about eliminating these areas. The funny thing is that Guild membership is actually up - more people are interested in fiber arts today than have been in many years. Witness the boom in knitting and crochet books. Two years ago, you were lucky to find one or two books in a store. Now, my local bookstore has shelves of fiber books. The problem is getting people to actually enter their items in the Fair.

So, today was about texture. Crocheted, spun, woven texture. And scrapping. All in all, I entered 12 items. Five scrapbook pages, one skein of handspun, one crocheted scarf made from handspun, one woven item (my only weaving success to date. Gotta work on that), a Christmas stocking, afghan, silk poncho, and scarf, all crocheted.

And I'm still working on the baby sweater. Entries are accepted until Sunday, so if I can get it finished before then, I really want to put it in the Fair. I'm working on the last sleeve now; just have to stitch it together, finish the embroidery work and it will be done. Piece of cake. Right.

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Sharon said...

Woo- Hoo!!!!! How Awsome. You ROCK!!
I din't know you were doing scrap pages too. I entered some of my pages too. I'm more comfortable entering those than my fiber stuff. But I had a heck of a time finding the 12"x14" sleeves they require. In fact I never did find them. I saw Marie and I ended up with 12"x13.5" - I sure hope they aren't picky.