Au Revoir Le Tour de Fleece

As the Tour de France came to a close, so did Le Tour de Fleece. As a successful participant, I can now proudly display the Prix Maillot Jaune (the Yellow Jersey) on my blog.

Both Tours began July 1 and ended when the first rider crossed the finish line on July 23. Each participant in Tour de Fleece set their own goal; the idea was to challenge yourself and improve your spinning. My goal was to get Bekki,
the Ashford Traveler I found at a flea market, up and running; then to turn 8 ounces of roving into usable yarn.

And I succeeded. Bekki is a great wheel; I love spinning on her. I spun two bobbins of Irish Eyes Are Smiling, plied them, and entered the finished skein in the Ventura County Fair. It's my first ever spinning entry.

Bekki really has turned into a Traveler. She's been to the homes of friends and family, Guild meetings, (that's Elise and her gorgeous original Reeves wheel next to me. Elise & Elisa - we were confusing everyone at the workshop.) and next week will accompany me when I demo for the first time at the Guild's fair booth. (Wednesday, August 2, noon to 4 - come visit!) I can't decide whether to take Bekki or Florence, the Lendrum, to the Sheep to Shawl competition on Friday, August 4 (10 - 4 near the livestock area; y'all come visit, ya hear?) Since almost everyone else in the Guild uses a Lendrum as their traveling wheel, I'll probably take Bekki. At least then I'll know which wheel is mine!


Anonymous said...

I love that you spin with no shoes on. :)