Year End Roundup

Catching up on year end fun. 

Leia got a new ornament for our tree

and hung it most appropriately. She’s changed just a bit since 2013. 

I haven’t crocheted in over 3 years - burn-out plus a shoulder injury - but I wanted some new dishcloths, so took Jac upstairs with me to grab some cotton from the stash. 

She latched onto a skein, demanded requested a hook and has been playing with both for almost a week. Another crafty grand in the making. ~fingers crossed~

Jac’s new makeup desk is set up in the playhouse (thanks Pop!)

and the girls have had fun


and experimenting with new looks.

Jac helped me make dinner rolls.

Her favorite part was rolling the dough into (lots and lots) of test balls.

And last but definitely not least - Leanne made Pop’s favorite zucchini bread all by herself from start to finish. I wasn’t even in the room until it was put-it-in-the-oven time. It tasted soooooooo good! 

And that’s a wrap for 2019. Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy 2020. 



Today’s greatest achievement - 

getting these five to smile for the camera *at the same time*. #grandmagoals

I didn’t get a lot of pics from the morning’s gift unwrapping; 

we were all too busy watching the carnage fun. 

But we made up for that in the afternoon 

with an epic number of family pics (230+) using the backdrop wall. 

It takes that many shots to get a few non-blurry pics of squirmy, excited kids. 

 Shhh, nobody tell Jackie that Donovan has her sunglasses


Moving On

Pop Open Pouch bags #16,


and #18

are done and gifted. I love that pattern but it’s time to move on to quilting and baking for Christmas. 

Not sure I like the new quilting toy tool I got today

but I’m planning to give it a good workout, trying to finish three wall-hangings in the next three days. 

Wish me luck. 


Reindeer Games

I bought a silly reindeer ring toss game for Christmas Day fun

but broke it out early to entertain Jac and Leanne today.

It took Jac about 30 seconds to decide 

the antlers were even better as a floaty

and she started ‘swimming’ around the room. 

Please excuse Jac’s bed-head and crusty nose. We managed to squeeze an art project and reindeer games into the hour Jac felt good today. She’s still pretty miserable and went to the ER tonight with an ear infection. Better now than Christmas Eve, I guess. Poor Jac.