Over The River And Through The Woods

Can't believe I've gone an entire month without a post. Not even while we were in Colorado for the past week, celebrating both Addy's 8th birthday and Thanksgiving. 
We left bright dark and early on the 21st, with Leia not sure if she was awake or not.
By the time we hit our gate 
and got on the plane, she was raring to go and full of energy - just in time to sit still(ish) for the next two hours. Thank goodness for headphones, Ipads and seatback televisions!
We'd hoped Colorado would show us a bit of weather - a little snow, a little cold -  but unlike the week before,
temps were mostly in the 50's and 60's, with snow melting faster than Leia could trample it. 
Except for that one day, when the wind chill had even the CO natives shivering, light jackets were all we needed.

The girls princesses spent most of their time playing with Addy's toys,   
including the comprehensive make-up kit Pop and I got Addy for her birthday - which, unsurprisingly, was a big hit with both girls.
Addy's birthday party was Saturday, with pizza and bowling with her 2nd grade buddies. 
We also visited . . . the local Jumpin' franchise, 
where the girls had a sweaty blast,
especially after Leia talked Addy into trying the big slide,

and where Pop and I enjoyed the free Wi-fi (smart business owner);
the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, 
where the favorites were the tornado machine (Leia loved it)
and the make-your-own parachutes (Addy's favorite)
before flying them in the wind column (Leia couldn't get enough).

We bought the girls matching outfits,

took them to the movies - Penguins and Big Hero 6, where the only seats were in the very first row. Pop and I weren't thrilled but the girls couldn't believe their luck;
made new t-shirt dresses with matching headbands,

and petted both rabbits
 - so soft! -
and chickens. This one is Pepper; her pals are Salt, Sesame and Barbie, short for Barbeque.
And then, after one last sunset, 
it was, sadly, time to go home. 


My Treats

All my little ghosts and goblins -

Leanne decided to go with a 50's look tonight.
Leia - sticking with her witchy attire.

Addison - cutest bat ever.



Naia and friend Jasmine.

We didn't have a lot of trick-or-treaters. Maybe the threat of rain sent most to indoor venues? We have a bit of candy left over, even after Leanne started giving it away in hand-fulls at night's end. I'm sure hubby and the little girls will take care of that before the weekend is out. (No Reese's peanut butter cups are left, so no temptation for me.)