Sweater FO

Finally put the finishing touches on this sweater and it is done.Despite all the trouble I had with the pattern - that's a blog post all by itself - I think I'm going to love this thing. I've worn it twice, without the button, just to see if I wanted to make any other changes when I redid the button band (twice. sheesh.) Now I can wear it for real. Love the fit; love the feel; love the button.


Sleep is Overrated

Leia - and I - had a restless night. Leia likes to talk in her sleep; when you're not used to it, it really brings you wide awake when it happens at 1:00 and 2:00 and 3:30 . . .

She woke up for real at 5:00 and we had 2 hours of food and giggles (she even helped me type on the computer) before Dick relieved me at 7 so I could get a little more sleep.

I got up a few hours later to this -
PopPop and the Princess sound asleep on the couch. From the way Leia was positioned, I thought she had fitted herself into the space between Dick and the back of the couch. Nope - she found something more comfortable. Grandpas make great pillows.


Littlest Model

The littlest princess has a cold but was still willing to model her new sweater today. An excellent fit, with just that tiny bit of extra room for her to grow. We have Leia overnight while her parents take birthday girl, Naia, to Big Bear to play in snow for the first time. Wonder if we'll get any sleep tonight?


Ruffled Hexagon Baby Jacket

Hexagon Baby Jacket with Ruffles
Elisa’s Version – 9 to 12 month size
Copyright February 2009
My version of this cute jacket was inspired by Bev's Hexagon Baby Jacket; which, in turn, was inspired by one posted on Tina's blog. There's even a 'filled-in' version here.

In addition to increasing the size, I added a stand-up collar, and put ruffles at the cuffs and hem for a more feminine look. The jacket's dimensions are easily customized by changing yarn and/or hook size. For example, the newborn size uses DK weight yarn and an "F" hook; Bev's 3-6 month size uses a soft 4-ply worsted yarn and a "G" hook; my version uses worsted weight yarn with an "I" hook. Enjoy!

Materials for 9-12 Month Size Jacket:
  • 2 colors worsted weight yarn (such as Lion Brand Wool-Ease or Plymouth Encore); approx 200 yd each.
  • Size “I” hook
Jacket Measurements:
  • Underarm to cuff = 7”
  • Shoulder to bottom of jacket = 12”
  • Across jacket under arm front = 10 ½"

Start Hexagon (make 2): Ch 4, join to make a ring.

Rnd 1:
  • Ch 3, (counts as first dc), 2 dc inside ring.
  • *Ch 2, 3 dc in ring.
  • Repeat from * 5 times. (for total of 6 groups of 3dc.)
  • Ch 2, join with slip stitch to 3rd ch of beginning ch3.
Rnd 2:
  • Slip stitch in next stitch and into ch 2 space.
  • Ch 3, 2 dc in same space. Ch 2, 3 dc in same space.
  • *Ch 1, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in next ch 2 space. Repeat from * 5 times. (for total of 6 groups of 3dc, ch2, 3dc)
  • Ch 1, join with slip stitch to 3rd ch of beginning ch3.
Rnd 3:
  • Slip stitch in next stitch and into ch 2 space.
  • Ch 3, 2 dc in same space.Ch 2, 3 dc in same space.
  • *Ch 1, 3 dc in next ch 1 space.
  • Ch 1, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in next corner.
  • Repeat from * 5 times around.
  • Ch 2, join with slip stitch to 3rd ch of beginning ch3.
Rnd 4: Change to contrast color for stripe
  • Slip stitch in next stitch and into ch 2 space.
  • Ch 3, 2 dc in same space.Ch 2, 3 dc in same space.
  • *Ch 1, 3 dc in next ch 1 space.
  • Ch 1 (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in next corner space.
  • Repeat from * 4 more times.
  • Ch 2, join with slip stitch to 3rd ch of beginning ch3.
Rnd 5:
  • With main color, repeat pattern established in Rnd 4. (Photo shows second color change on Rnd 8 & 9, with return to main color on Rnd 10)
Rnd 6-10: Change back to main color
  • Repeat pattern established in Rnd 4. (I added a second color change on Rnds 8 & 9, returning to the main color on Rnd 10)
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Sew Hexagons Together:

  • Fold hexagons to form 2 sides of the jacket (see photo); fasten top seam with stitch markers to hold in place.
  • Holding back pieces with right sides together and working through outside loops of stitches only, sew two halves together at back seam. (see photo)
  • Working in outside loops only, stitch shoulder seams across top of jacket from cuff to third 3dc-group from front neck edge. Repeat for second shoulder.
How interior seam should look

How exterior seam should look

Rnd 1:
  • Using contrast yarn, join with slip stitch anywhere on cuff edge.
  • Ch1, sc in same stitch;
  • sc in each stitch and chain-1 space around.
  • Join with slip stitch to beginning slip stitch.
Rnd 2:
  • Ch1, sc in same stitch.
  • Sc2tog around. (See Stitch Guide)
  • Join with slip stitch in first sc.
Rnd 3:
  • Ch2, hdc in same stitch and each stitch around.
Rnd 4:
  • Repeat Rnd 3.
Rnd 5:
  • Working in the back loop only for this entire row, ch 4,
  • (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1) in same stitch as join.
  • *(Dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1) in next stitch.
  • Repeat from * around.
  • Join with a slip stitch in 3rd chain of beginning ch 4. Fasten off.
Repeat for second cuff.

Sweater Edging:
  • Join contrast color with slip stitch in center back of jacket.
  • Sc in each stitch and space along bottom edge,
  • *(2 sc, ch 2, 2 sc) at corner,sc in each stitch and space along front edge*,
  • (2 sc, ch 2, 2 sc) at corner,
  • sc in each stitch only (not in space between 3dc clusters) around neck
  • repeat from * to *.
  • Slip stitch in first sc. Fasten off.
Bottom Edge of Jacket:
Rnd 1:
  • With right side facing you and bottom of sweater facing up, join yarn in right corner on bottom of sweater.
  • Ch 2, hdc in same stitch and each stitch across. Ch 2, turn.
Rnd 2:
  • Repeat Rnd 1.
Rnd 3:
  • Working in the back loop only, ch 4,
  • (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1) in same stitch as join.
  • *(Dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1) in next stitch.
  • Repeat from * around.
  • Join with a slip stitch in 3rd chain of beginning ch 4. Fasten off.

Button Band and Neck:
Rnd 1:
  • With wrong side facing, join yarn in bottom corner of left front.
  • Ch 2, hdc in same stitch and each stitch up right front – with (hdc, ch1, hdc) in center corner stitch - around neck, to right front corner.
  • Work corner, then hdc in next 2 stitches, ch 3, skip 3 sc*, repeat from * to * twice more (total of 3 buttonholes),
  • hdc to end of row (do not hdc in side of ruffle).
  • Ch 1, turn.
Rnd 2:
  • Sc in each stitch around, working 3 sc in each ch3 space and (sc, ch1, sc) in each corner.
Fasten off. Weave in ends. Sew on buttons. Enjoy!



Yesterday, I finished the woven shawl I started in December. This was supposed to be my Christmas shawl - I'm either a little late for 2008 or very early for 2009. The warp (long-wise threads) is Noro Kureyon and the weft (cross-wise threads) is black alpaca from my stash. I still need to fix a few floats on the wrong side and I think I'm going to add beads to the fringe for a little 'bling'. But it's wearable and I love it.

When Leia was first born I made her a Hexagon Baby Jacket. She has long since outgrown it but it was such a fun, easy pattern I thought I'd make her another one.
And I couldn't just do the same thing again. So last night I sat down and wrote my own version of the pattern, increasing the size to 9-12 months, changing the collar style and adding ruffles at the hem and sleeves for a girly touch. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Probably tomorrow I'll get some better photos and then post the pattern here and on Ravelry. I showed this around the yarn shop today and at least 2 people want to make an adult version. Hmmmmm, wonder if that would work . . . .


World's Cutest Baby*

The littlest princess turned 6 months old while we were in Colorado so we celebrated with dinner tonight at Red Robin. Leia is over 25 pounds now; she's wearing 12 month shirts and 18 month pants that fit well around her waist but are much too long. She's a happy, bubbly baby; always a big, infectious grin on her face (unless she's hungry. Then all bets are off.) She's pushing herself up, trying to crawl, but hasn't quite got the moves down. You can tell it won't be long though.

And her favorite person? Big sister Naia. Leia loves trying to grab Naia's braids, loves blowing bubbles in Naia's face (she just learned that trick), and loves when Naia makes faces to make her laugh.
Can you tell Grandpa loves his girls?

*Since Addy is now a big girl. And I'll admit I'm a little biased. But you have to admit, she is a cutie.


Crazy Weather

We arrived back in California last night, just in time for yet another wet day. The weather in Colorado was beautiful - cold but clear, with snow falling just one evening while we were there. Things are crazy backward here.

Not only were we treated to rain today - and another power outage, this one lasting 'only' six hours - but hail was pounding down so hard I thought it had to be at least golf-ball sized.
Er, maybe not. But really; hail in California? And clear skies in Colorado? In February?? I think Mother Nature is either confused or really, really p***ed off.

One of the benefits of longer than expected plane rides (our predicted 2 hour, 4 minute trip turned into over 3 hours when we encountered a stiff head-wind most of the way to Burbank) is plenty of time to crochet. I finished the heel flap, gusset and most of the foot on both of Rachel's socks.
Just need to get her foot length - which I forgot to measure before we left - and I can finish the bottom half of these. I love how the stripes are almost matching. Can't wait to see how these look finished.


Playin' In The Snow

My favorite picture from the resort in northern Colorado where we spent the last 2 days. Very cold and tons of fun.


Vacation FO's

I've gotten a few things finished while we've been in Colorado. A pair of socks for me - using Opal yarn in 'Rainforest' and my usual pattern (I need to write this up and put it on Ravelry. I love my socks.)

A pair of Friendship Mittens for Rachel -
using Rowan's Tapestry yarn, a 4.00mm hook, and this pattern.

And, of course, Addy's Tadah! hat.
I'm still working on a pair of socks for Rachel (I've converted her to wool handmade socks!!) and my wool/silk shawl. Should be enough to keep me busy for the next 2 days or so.



Ever since Addy was little, I've given her crochet hooks and yarn to play with. Addy informed me our first day here that she 'loves CROshay so much.' She knows the bag that's usually at my feet contains treasures - 'fuzzy yarn', 'CROshay' (she means hooks) and 'Hippo!'

She's discovered that Hippy Hippo, my hook holder, unzips and holds some of her favorite things. She's claimed my shiny blue and purple hooks as her own (she doesn't care for the plain Clover hooks) and she can't get enough of the purple tape measure. At first she just pulled out the tape, then pushed the button to snap it back. Now she examines it, dances with it, and covers her eyes in the Addy version of hide and seek (if she can't see you, you can't see her!)

(click the photo to make it bigger)

Just another year or two until I can teach her how to really CROshay.


Bathtub Crayons

What's a mom to do when she wants to shower in peace? Bathtub crayons to the rescue! Addy is quite the budding artist. She loves to draw and color, whether it is on paper, a box or the bathtub. Although she had a bath yesterday morning, tonight she politely asked (ok, insisted) on another one. An overwhelming desire to be clean, you ask? Nope, the draw was bubble bath and showing grandma what she could do with her crayons.

Addy can color to her heart's content, even on the tiled bathroom walls and the color wipes right off.
Too much fun.


I Have Proof!

It started snowing about 3 pm today (finally!) and by 5 it's starting to stick to the ground. I went out front to get a photo - and saw this trotting down the next-door neighbor's driveway and across the street before disappearing. Oh yeah, timing is everything. Nobody would have believed I saw a fox without photographic evidence!


Simple Things

As we learned when our kids were small - and probably every parent knows - youngsters like simple toys best. Wooden spoons, mixing bowls and boxes; kids love them all.

I shipped our heavy coats and boots to Rachel's rather than paying the airlines extra $$ for another suitcase. After emptying the box yesterday, I set it up for Addy.

Box flaps down. Check.
Crayons ready. Check.
Busy girl. Check, check, check.

Addy has been fascinated by my glasses this trip. If I take them off, she wants to know where they are. If I lay them on the table, she wants them back on my nose. So I bought Addy her own set of glasses. Happy almost Valentine's Day!


Postcard From Colorado

Having a great time. Wish you were here! Finished Addy's Tadah! Hat (Rav link) in time for her to wear it to Disney Live last night. It's so colorful and cute and Addy loves it. Addy loves Mickey Mouse Club, along with Pooh and Tigger who were also in the show. She was so excited during the performance - she couldn't tear her eyes away from the stage. Daddy got her a Minnie Mouse doll at intermission and Addy kissed and cuddled her through the last half of the show. And when it was time to leave? She cried, 'me no want to go home!'

This morning Daddy put Mickey Mouse Club on the teevee for Addy to watch before her nap. She was totally engrossed in
Miska Mooska Mickey Mouse. Maybe a little too much so. About 30 seconds after these photos was taken, she tipped the chair over backwards and landed on her head. It startled her more than anything but after that it was definitely nap time. Isn't she the cutest?


Pictureless FO's

I've got several finished projects and not a single finished picture. Today was spent running around, getting ready for tomorrow's trip to Colorado. I finished the woven chenille scarf for Dick - and it's luscious, if I do say so myself - and the Caffe Cardigan for me. I bought a big silver button while I was at the yarn shop for my beginner's class tonight; just need to sew it on, block the sweater, let it dry and it's done.

Both projects are taking the trip with us. Photos soon!


How I Spent My Super Bowl . . .

Dick and I are not what you'd call big sports fans. The only football game we watch all year is the Super Bowl. And for me, it's more about the commercials than the pigskin. (My favorite commercial was the one about pet adoption. That may be because Rusty the Rhino's grandma is a member of my spinning group.)

Dick prepared the snacks -
healthy stuff plus jumbo shrimp for me and KFC drumsticks for him and Marie - and I prepared my crafting area. This is my TV watching chair; lots of room for me, a cat or grandchild (or both, if I'm lucky), and my project du jour. Not sure what I wanted to work on, I brought the makings for Addy's Tadah! Hat (Rav link here) and the Friendship Mitts (Rav link here) for our Colorado trip. I started with the mitts and finished them about an hour after the game ended. These use some pink Malabrigo that I've had in my stash since about 2005 (before Malabrigo was a must-have yarn; I bought it on Ebay because it was pretty, super soft, and affordable. Boy was I surprised when I found out it was THE Malabrigo.)
The pattern is very versatile - you can use either light weight or worsted weight yarn - and directions are given to customize the mitts to your specific hand size. The only modification I made was to add one row to the cuff; I wanted to make sure they were long enough to fit inside my jacket sleeve. I'm thinking I should make a pair of these for Rachel and a smaller pair - in pink to match grandma's - for Addison. After I finish Addy's hat, of course.