Makeup Challenge

Jaclyn asked Sissy to do her makeup. 

And sat very still 

while Leanne worked her way

though all three tiers of lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, 

and who knows what else. (Mom said “no” to glitter 😔)

The results were predictably spectacular.


From Scratch Biscuits

Leia loves to bake. So when I saw this recipe on Simple Simon & Co’s blog, I knew we had our next project.

Leia made these pretty much by herself, 

from measuring and sifting* the dry ingredients - 

using her great-grandmother’s sifter - 

to cutting in the shortening using 2 knives (as I was taught),


and rolling out the dough. (Not bad for her first try!)

She made quick work of cutting out the biscuits,

using every little scrap of dough,

before adding the egg wash and popping them in the oven.

 Leia says she’s going to have a bakery when she gets older and I will be her official taster, “if you’re still alive.” 😂

Yumm! They were so good with butter . . . and honey . . . and boysenberry preserves . . . and accompanying our mac n cheese dinner. At this rate, we’re going to need to make more tomorrow! 

* Yeah, I know she didn’t need to do this, but she had fun and if she ever does need to sift something she’ll know how to do it. 


First Annual Cousins Tea

At Mary’s baby shower, back in March, 

 Sweet Donovan is getting big! Also, Daddy has apparently taught him to do an eye roll. 

I suggested getting the extended cousins together for a fancy tea party. The little girls are all about the same age and they don’t get to hang out very often. 

 From left: Leanne, Leia, Karina, Anna and Addison (not the Colorado Addison). Naia had to work (booo!) and Jaclyn is too little for such a breakable setting.

Meg jumped on the idea, suggested potential dates, and we were off and rolling.

  My nieces, Meg and Jen

And just to add an extra bit of pizazz, the day we picked (unknowingly) was the same as the Royal Wedding! Perfect for an English tea party. 

 Honorary cousins Wenona and granddaughter Karina

Well, almost perfect. On our past trips, we’ve had the place to ourselves, which is a Good Thing with excited little girls.

 My SIL Vickie with granddaughter Addison

This time, the place was packed when we arrived - and the staff was a bit stressed. 

 Daughter Marie 

The littles took it in stride 

and loved having their own table, separate from the adults.

 The food took a long time to be served - see “they were busy” above; next time, we need to consider feeding the girls before the party. 

The food was delicious, as always, 

the table decorations beautifully mismatched,

 Shelly’s choices. The third one - the green - was the definite winner.

but the hats - and masks, gloves, shoes and kid dresses - are always the main attraction (and why we choose this shop over others in the area.)

The girls finished their food ahead of the adults, which led to a round of “what can we dooooooooo?” Wenona had art supplies in her car (doesn’t every grandma??) and we heard nary a peep from them again.

 Almost everyone else was gone by this point.

Was this a hit? You bet! We’re already planning next year’s Second Annual Cousins Tea . . . but never again on a super busy, royal wedding weekend.

More hats and pictures!!

 I brought my collection of Super Fancy Bling necklaces for the girls to wear. 


Yosemite, Day 4

We’d planned to hike to Mirror Lake today but rain was forecast. . . and we got a late, lazy start. . . so we ended up exploring the paths behind the Ahwahnee Majestic Yosemite. Lots and lots of pictures . . . 

 Nestled in the arms of granite. The back lawn.

 Outdoor patio behind the tea room

 Cloudy and cold but no rain!

 I love Yosemite’s stone walls

 Merced River (I think . . .)

 Strainer - a new word I learned at Wednesday  evening’s program (hubby already knew it from his SAR days). It keeps large objects (like bodies) from continuing to float down the river. Gruesome but interesting.

 Sugar cone pine. World record cone - 10+ pounds - was found in Yosemite.

 He looks so small . . .


 More roots. There were so many trees down throughout the park, from both the drought and this year’s floods.


 More debris - and future home for wildlife?

 Stone bridge with view of El Cap

 Things you want to be *empty* when you see them in the forest.

 Heading back to the Ahwahnee 

 Pacific dogwoods look spectacular, especially with a backdrop of cedar

 Between the main hotel and the guest cabins

 Things you don’t expect to see in the forest.

 These trees were everywhere. The ranger said they bloom for a very short time. So glad we got to see them.

 Opposite side of the Ahwahnee Majestic

 A little history

 Front view