Shoo Fly

Spent the day working on quilty projects with friends and lookee, lookee what I have -

28 completed shoo fly quilt blocks!
I have a couple more blocks to complete, then it's time to put it all together. . .
Probably something like this, using the brown fabric I bought today for the alternating blocks. Getting excited to have this done and on our bed.

Block a Day for 52 Quilts



My new toy.
A 2014 Mini Cooper Paceman.
She's 5 months old and has 5000 miles on the odometer, so technically she's "used". Which means we got a great deal on her. 
This cutie was hubby's idea for an anniversary present and replaces my much loved 10 year old Audi TT. We're still getting acquainted, but I'm looking forward to many happy miles, zipping around town, with the little girls in tow. Happy anniversary to me us!


Bad Granma

Bad Granma took the little girls to the $1 store today to buy makeup . . . for them.
I don't wear any much makeup, so we need supplies to augment the leftovers from Leia's previous ballet recitals. 
I spread an old sheet on the family room floor, set out two mirrors, poured all the makeup and brushes into a pile, and told the girls to have fun.
Leia is getting to be a pro at dolling herself up and was very happy to show Leanne the finer points.
Leanne went with the "more is always better" philosophy.
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. 
They had fun, I had fun . . .
then I sent them home for mom and dad to clean them up. Such a bad Granma. 



The kitchen remodel continues, a bit more slowly now that hubby has started the concurrent master bath remodel** and the annual September heatwave has hit. Temps in the 90's are outside hubby's work comfort zone - by request of his wife, who'd rather not take him to the ER with heat exhaustion . . . 
The latest addition is the cabinet above the fridge that hubby designed to hold my china. Turns out, it's so big it will hold the china (on the right), my Christmas service (on the left), and all the crystal glasses we use for "special" (the empty top shelf). 
But what would happen to all that glass in an earthquake, you ask? Hubby's genius idea was to put in hard plastic walls to keep things from "walking" off the shelf in a quake. It probably won't stop them from bouncing out in a big shaker, but it will definitely help during the smaller quakes we usually get.

*Bathroom remodel: A very excited Leanne met me at the door when I got home Friday night with "Granma, come see what I did!!!"
Yeah, I'm betting PopPop had a hand in that too. 
New bathtub is ordered and new sinks have arrived; new cabinets are built and ready to install. Progress!


Almost The Last

Going . . . 
Going . . . . 
Still going . . . . .
Gone! Master bath remodel has begun. 
In theory, this should be about the last remodel project on the house. In reality, hubby likes tinkering and changing things up. Don't tell him, but I'm betting he'll start back at the beginning once this and the kitchen are done.



Nap Blankie

To celebrate her new "big girl" status, Leanne and I went shopping for fabric to make her preschool nap blanket. I already had the princess panel in my stash, so we just needed some backing flannel.
We wandered down several aisles, but once Leanne spotted Hello Kitty, the search was done.
I wanted this to be really special for her, so I rounded the corners (using this tutorial), added a heart-shaped edging,

and - my favorite part - stitched her name and the year in the bottom corner.
Not bad for my first sewing-machine monogram, eh? 
I think she likes it.
Especially since it does double duty as her super hero cape.  


No School Blues Here

All the little girls are back in school, so I finally have a collection of 'first day' pics to share. 

Addy was first, entering second grade on August 20. She looks both nervous and excited. By the end of the day, she was just excited, proclaiming she " had the best teacher in the history of teachers and that 2nd grade is awesome!" Yay!
Leia danced her way into first grade on August 27. She was definitely all excitement . . . and was out sick by the third day with whatever was going around the classroom. She also loves her new teacher.

My little Leanne started preschool on September 3. There's no morning "first day" picture because Leanne sobbed her way through it once she figured out Mommy wasn't staying too. As you can tell, she got over it. She loves her teacher, Miss Robin, and can't wait to go back again on Friday.



Spice Kid Tutorial

I love finding new, fun, inexpensive things for the grand-girls to do. This project turned out to be a huge hit. Leia, 6, played "Chef" for a couple of hours, then off and on for several more. With Leanne, 3, it was good for a solid hour, then off and on for another hour or so. And best of all? They cooperated and played well together, with no bickering. Hooray!
Step 1: Clean out your spice rack. Be sure to check the expiration dates, just for grins. My worst one expired in 2006, but hey, I don't use pumpkin pie spice ever very often.
Step 2: Put expired spices, non-breakable containers, measuring spoons and a variety of stirring implements on the counter. Throw in a bottle of "pretty" popcorn kernels you are never going to use. Add measuring cups and water. 
Step 3: Step back and let the fun happen.
Leia kept insisting that I call her "Boss" or "Chef".
Optional: Nose plugs. When mixed together, some of those spices really stink.
Bonus: Hubby thought it would be really bad (as in call-the-plumber bad) to put the final 'soup' down the garbage disposal, so I poured it around the landscaping out front. If nothing else, the two containers of red pepper the girls used will keep wild critters and neighborhood cats out of there for quite awhile!


Saturday with French General

What better way to spend a holiday weekend than taking an embroidery class with friends at French General
I'd heard of Pam Garrison, the instructor, but don't think I'd seen any of her work before Saturday. Most of her stuff is very whimsical and cheerful, full of flowers and tiny creatures.
We didn't receive any 'instruction' as such, just a picture of Pam's finished sampler, help with stitches if we wanted it and the admonishment to "have fun". 
It was sew great to be among friends, just hanging out and stitching. 
None of us got anywhere near finished - just barely started in fact - but it was one of the most fun, and relaxing, workshops I've attended.
And with Pam's sampler as inspiration, I think I might actually finish this. 
Some day. Looking forward to stitching an hour here and an hour there until this is done.