The Rockets Red Glare

I love fireworks. Happy Birthday, America.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fireworks!

Glenn had to go to bed at 9p (fireworks time) because he has to get up early for work. I wasn't invited to go with the grandkids to see the fireworks. Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself. So, I really enjoyed your pictures! They're beautiful! THANK YOU!

Sharon said...

Great fireworks show, Thanks. I also missed the real ones. I was busy trying to keep my dogs calm during the banging and blasting here at the house. Our neighborhood was "popping" last night for about 2 hours from 8 to 10; my poor dogs were nervous wrecks. It was horrible. Your fireworks show is the best kind......... for dogs too.

Anonymous said...


You were right -- we could see Ventura College's display from our balcony. It was great. We got home from Disneyland early (reasonable lines AND no traffic!), Matt made tacos and we watched the fireworks via our own apt. The perfect end to our weekend.