Cold Spell

Temperatures have dropped recently, but I didn't think they had changed that much. We went from 92 to about 85 in the span of one week. Apparently, that is too much change for poor Snickers. I came home yesterday afternoon to find this in the middle of my bed: Can you see the tail sticking out? Snickers loves that blanket. She worms her way under there all by herself. It doesn't matter how hot it is, she will find a way to get under that blanket and sleep the day away.

Rachel Update

The specialist says Rachel's knee is not broken and he doesn't think the cartilage is damaged. He poked and prodded and tweaked the knee - Rachel was NOT happy - and said the muscles have deteriorated from lack of use since the
accident; he thinks that is why she is still having problems with it. He doesn't want to do an MRI (the whole pregnancy thing again) and is recommending physical therapy. Hooray! Rachel isn't looking forward to the physical therapy, but it is a whole lot better than having to undergo surgery. Thanks to everyone who sent healing thoughts Rachel's way. They worked!

These are Rachel's puppies, with their summer haircuts. Aren't they adorable?

Dolly Jo (the only girl has the pink bandana, of course)
Tucker D.
and Worf

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Sharon said...

Ahhhh - I want a new kitten. :( How CUTE!!!.

Your cat has personality plus - that is too funny.

I Love the pup’s new do’s. We used to do that to our dog when I was a little girl.

Great news on the knee - I'm glad everyone's good thoughts worked. Surgery while pregnant wouldn't be any picnic.