Lucy Progresses

All Lucy’s blocks are snowballed, trimmed up 

and in design order - except for that wayward red in the bottom corner.

I started sewing 4-patches together while Leanne read aloud today

but Whirlwind Jac, combined with Leanne’s least favorite subject ("but what does the reading mean?"), meant grumpy distance learning participants. 

I’d hoped to get all the blocks sewn together today (overly optimistic much?) but I’ll settle for the two rows I finished. More blocks tomorrow, then sashing on the weekend. I hope. 


Vitamin D Therapy

Leanne called this recess.

Jac called it plant water.

Pop and I called it a welcome break. 

Thank goodness we don’t have water rationing still, 

on top of the stay-at-home order. 


A Night With Charming Lucy

Saw this in one of my FB quilting groups 

and instantly knew I had to make it 

and that I had the fabric I needed already in my stash. 

It took me a bit of searching to track down the pattern - what did we do before Pinterest??  -

but tonight I started cutting 

and sewing

 Lots of rearranging yet to do 

and pinning the first 12 of 20 blocks. With luck, I’ll get the remaining squares snowballed tomorrow so I can start trimming them up and sewing 4-patches this week. Stay tuned.  


Done, For Now

My face mask factory is closing, at least for now. 

I lost track towards the end - the masks were going out faster than I could record them - but I know I made more than 125. 

They’ve gone to nursing homes, doctors offices, daycares, friends and family in four different states. Even the gents liked them! (Which pleased me a lot. They can be a tough crowd.)

From the last batch of 46, 29 went to Rachel for her family and 9-1-1 coworkers and three to my sister in Oregon.

I’m a bit burnt out and commercial mask suppliers are ramping up, so I’m taking a break to do some quilting and sewing for the littles. Two small quilts are going to my long-arm quilting buddy on Wednesday. Hooray!

Lily says stop sewing and pet meeeeeeeee. 


The Haircut

I have to admit I’m a teeny bit jealous. Whenever my mom cut my hair, all I ended up with was too-short bangs. 

Nothing anywhere near as cool as this Mary and Matt production. 

Can you tell Donovan loves it??


Big Boy Birthday

Look who turned two!

We did a joint celebration Friday with Donovan, who turned two on the 16th, and his mama, whose birthday is the 18th. 

Donovan got the better deal on presents 

but isn’t that always the case with two-year-olds?

He loves his small (compared to this) ride-on John Deere tractor 

so you can imagine his joy when he saw this gift from his mom and dad. 

It took him awhile to figure out the foot pedal

and the steering but by the end of the day he was a pro. 

 Not sure he’s licensed for passengers yet . . . 
Our gift was also a hit 

although Donovan was super annoyed 

he couldn’t open the box and play with Lightning McQueen NOW.

But all is well now that dad has the bed together.

It’ll be interesting to see if he stays in it tonight, being used to a crib, or if he’ll use his new freedom to go exploring. Happy birthday, big boy!

P.S. today we weighed Donovan and Jaclyn, who will be 4 in June, and . . . they are both 30 pounds! With her added height, Jac feels light and tiny, while Donovan is compact and heavy, just like his dad was at the same age. 


Cutest, By Far

Jaclyn asked for an Elsa mask.

Is this not the cutest thing ever??

Fact: I had to bribe her to wear it long enough to get a photo. Tiny Girl is not a fan of face masks, Elsa or no.


House Bound

We’ve been very good about staying home, limiting trips and keeping our distance from others. But there comes a time when we must.get.out, so ... we gathered our masks and plastic gloves 

and headed to Ojai on an essential trip 

to drop off face masks and pick up food. 

Not my fault the food was Bocalli’s (very delicious) strawberry shortcake . . .

 Jac liked the gloves, hated the mask


When the girls arrived today, Jac came running to tell me “Sissy’s ‘jama’s have a hole, Granma fix it!" 

Hmm, how about Sissy fix it?

Leanne did all the work herself, from creating the sticky patch to sewing it on, with minimal input from me. Her watermelon heart looks great!



Found this on our doorstep Sunday morning. 

Either the Easter Bunny knows what’s important right now or somebody was having waaaay too much fun that night. Thanks for the laugh - and the TP! - mystery person.


Easter Pictures

We took Easter pictures earlier this week, in two separate sessions as dictated by the current social distancing rules. 

It’s probably just as well - trying to wrangle Jac and Donovan without everything devolving into chaos would have been difficult. It might have been fun crazy to try though ...

Out of 150-ish shots, we got at least one decent picture of each family. 

And then there are the outtakes - my favorite part!

And that’s all, folks!