It's A Girl! (And FO*)

John and Rachel are having a GIRL! Hooray! During the sonogram yesterday, said girl was very cooperative, doing cartwheels and backflips and generally entertaining everyone in the room. The technician said she is "positive" this is a girl, so we shouldn't have a repeat of Ellen's grandchild adventure - where the proud parents found out just six weeks before the birth that, whoops, Colleen was actually Colin. Hopefully, Rachel will figure out how to use the scanner soon and I'll have pictures to share.

Rachel and John were both hoping for a boy. I
think one of Rachel's biggest concerns is that Addison (Delaney? Ainsley? No decision yet on the name) will turn out to be a girly-girl. You know - ruffles and lace and glitter makeup and changing clothes six times a day. That would be a challenge. John nailed Rachel's personality exactly when, for her birthday, he gave her a teddy bear, a diamond necklace and a handgun. And for Christmas, she got a cross-bow. Not a girly-girl. But whether the baby turns out to be a girly-girl or a tomboy, I know they will be up to the challenge (and give me lots of blogging material for years to come . . . . )

*Remember the UFO I found while organizing my craft supplies? The one I started 15 years ago?
Finished! It's long and narrow so I'm calling it a stroller blanket. I designed the border based on the yarns that were in the bag with the finished squares. I like it. Hopefully, the mother-to-be will like it also.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! The UFO came out amazing. Congrats on finally finishing it!

Sharon said...

Congratulations Grandma. What fun a girl will more fun for a crocheting grandma.

Girly-girl or not ....... won't matter, because they'll love "who" she is, whoever she is. I know, you know that, but Rachel may not have the full impact of that just yet.


BTW- The FO looks pretty darn good for sitin' around in a bag for 15 years, so double congrats!

Anonymous said...

The FO looks great. I still have you beat. Remember, my 1st grandchild's (Anthony's) crocheted blanket had been started 20yrs earlier. lol

Erika didn't want a girl either and along came Launa. Erika who was 'never' into girly clothes is having a blast with them now. Rachel may surprise you!

But, GRANDMA ELISA can always supply the cute stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

OK sister of mine...the UFO came out amazing! Man, I wish I only had 2 UFO's...do you have ANY idea of the number of unfinished quilts I have? Maybe 10...oh my I can't believe I am admitting to that! :) Vickie

Anonymous said...

ok how come it published me as "anonymous?"