Fibery Goodness

Rachel Update:

Rachel went to the knee doctor earlier this week. The swelling has almost disappeared and she still can't walk on her right leg. Not good. The doctor believes the cartilage is torn and said it would have been better if Rachel had actually broken her knee. Rachel has an appointment tomorrow with a specialist
who will probably recommend surgery. Please cross your fingers (and toes) and think good thoughts for her. At five+ months pregnant, surgery is a very scary thought. (Details of the original injury are here.)

Crochet News:

On the fiber front, we have a finished object! I finished a baby hat today.
The original pattern called for a pompom on top. Instead, I gathered the top by decreasing 3 stitches together in the first round, then two stitches together until I was down to only 1 stitch. I like the look a lot better. It's hard to tell in this photo, but Marie says it looks like a snowflake. I was going to put a crocheted button on top to match the ones on the sweater, but I like this finish so much, I'm going to leave it as-is.

The hat is supposed to go with the sweater that I completed last month, but I think it may be a little big for a 6-month old baby. One good thing about living in Colorado - Rachel will have lots of opportunity to use the hat, whether it fits at 6 months or 1 year.

I've started a new afghan. This will be another square in Lion Brand's Homespun (like Marie's and Lisa's) but it will have all the colors of the rainbow.
The orange I chose is called "coral" and the violet is "fuschia" but I like the way they work with the other colors. I've finished the first 10 rows - I'm starting the fourth color - but things will slow down as the square gets bigger. This is a comfortable, no-brainer project for me; I can take it 'on the road' and work on it while my attention is on other things. *The green has been discontinued. Just my luck. I think I have enough, but just to be safe - if anyone has a skein of Homespun in "Country" - full or partial - that they'd like to sell or trade, please let me know!

Spin, Span, Spun:

I stayed up until 2 a.m. last night, working on Grover's fleece. The picker is safely back in Susie's hands and I have two bags of picked wool to show for my efforts. There is about one pound of wool in each bag. That should keep me occupied until it's my turn for the picker again. If not, I'll card the next batch of fleece and keep on spinning.

I'm also spinning this roving called "My Iris Eyes Are Smiling" from Woven-n-Spun. I love the colors and it spins like a dream. I only have 3.5 ounces of this one, but I have another of her rovings that I plan to spin next.

And just to prove that I am still the Queen of Compulsive Multi-tasking, I'm also spinning this BFL that was dyed by Janel at Chameleon Colorworks.
(In case you haven't heard, the new edition of Spindlicity is up!)


Anonymous said...

That yarn with all the blues, greens, and purples is beautiful. Looks ocean-y.