Volcano Alert!

Friday was volcano day in Leia's 2nd grade class, 
so Leanne and I got up early (early for me, anyway) and headed over to watch the fun. 
So many different types and styles of volcano - some of these parents kids put a lot of work into this project. 
I think Leia's was the prettiest with its tiny dinosaurs, paper mache and red sparkly pipe-cleaners (yes, I'm biased.)
One of the parents went around to each volcano and poured in a vinegar solution (the baking soda had already been added in the classroom). He overdid the first one and the reaction was spectacular - bubbles and foam shooting out the top and over the sides. The kids loved it.
The kids reacted to each of the 24 explosions like it was the first time they'd seen it - lots of shouting, clapping and laughing. Great way to celebrate the last school day before Spring break! 


Biking Adventures

Leia long ago outgrew the bike we kept here for her to ride, so when Pop spotted this Huffy - complete with kitty and heart decals - at the local swap meet, he grabbed it without even haggling on price. 
We surprised Leia with it after school on Thursday and she was thrilled.
And what Leia does, Leanne follows. 
Looks like Pop needs to find her a new bike too. These girls just keep growing!


Progress Report

Made progress on my Dancing Umbrellas quilt today.

17 blocks complete, only 5 kazillion* left to go.

My friend, Debbie, threw these super cute pillows together today from "I'll never wear these again" sweatshirts and pillow forms she had in her stash. And then gave them to me for the little girls. Leia and Leanne are going to be thrilled!

* I'm not sure how big I'm going to make the umbrella quilt. I'd like to be able to use it on our bed, eventually. Unless I get bored with the blocks and move on to something else. Not that that ever happens . . . .



Travis and his mom came to visit on Sunday.

We don't get to see nearly enough of Mr. T, who turned 4 in December.
Leanne thought it was great to have someone new to play with,

especially when Auntie Bre suggested going to the park, one of her favorite activities.
I felt a bit bad for Travis since our toys are mostly pink and aimed at little girls. He didn't seem to mind though, playing with his new Avenger figurines on the pony slide while Leanne played with her princesses on the opposite side.
Kids. They're adaptable like that.


Dancing Umbrellas

Every now and then, something comes along that totally captures my imagination.

I saw this pattern at my local quilt store and knew I had to make it right now. When it came time to select fabrics, I took Leia with me and turned her loose in the store, with instructions to find all the bright colors she liked.
I paired her 20+ selections down a bit but this reflects her (excellent) choices, plus a bit of fabric from my stash. She and Leanne also helped me decide on color combinations. When this is done, it's going to be bright. And cheerful. And I love it.
Machine appliqué is a slow process - at least for novice me - so I took advantage of hubby being gone tonight to make a bit of progress.

Looks like Lily wasn't impressed.