Neat Challenged

As anyone who knows me is aware, I am not a naturally tidy person. I seem to attract clutter and I've resigned myself to that. I wish my home looked as neat and tidy as Vickie's and Wenona's always do - but not enough to actually do something about it. But occasionally, I try. And then I take pictures, cause it sure as heck won't last long!

Saturday was dedicated to organizing the stash in the new studio. We have a cabinet for scrapbooking: a cabinet for current crochet and spinning projects with pretty baskets to make them easier to find; bins for fleece and rovings - with labels! Way too many containers of yarn - but at least they are all labeled. (The top drawer is for my handspun. Easy access when I want to spring it on unsuspecting visitors.)

I ran out of bins and steam at about the same time. Tomorrow I'll make a Target run and get the last two containers I need to corral my spinning stash.
The thing that most amazed me during all this re-organization was that I found only two unfinished projects. One was the very first socks I ever attempted. The completed sock is big enough - and the right color - to make the Jolly Green Giant happy. Pretty sure I'll never finish this project.
Project two is this afghan that I started at least ten years ago. I love the colors and the way the individual squares fit together.
I just kept losing interest in making the squares - plus I've never liked sewing all the pieces together. But - miracle of miracles - the pattern is still in the same bag, so I could actually finish this one. Instead, I think I'll sew the 12 completed squares together - that should be enough for a lapghan or baby blanket - crochet a border, and call it done.


Sharon said...

Whoa....I'M IMPRESSED. Snazzy lookin' studio you got there lady.
I am sooooo jealous. But don't forget....I'll have a closet~ Woo-hoo a WHOLE closet! (But I'll probably have to share it). *grin*

Anonymous said...

WOW...I'm really proud of you :) It all looks really good!!! I cant wait to see it in person...


Anonymous said...

Your room looks GREAT! I love love love it.
The organizers are giving me goose bumps. I'm so excited!