Halloween 2019

This was Donovan’s first trick or treating and he *loved* it.

 My favorite NASCAR driver

It took him only a couple of houses 

to figure out that all he had to do was knock and look cute 

for people to give him goodies. He was so excited!

 My little firefighter

Jac was last out - she was slow finishing her dinner - and first back home. She wanted to help me give out candy, so we were both happy. 

Leanne’s official costume was a unicorn 

and she looked super cute heading out with Pop and Donovan. 

I also liked her Leanne Van Gogh look from earlier in the day. 

Addy and her bestie were a devil and a giraffe. 

Notice who’s missing? Leia’s away at science camp with her school and didn’t get to go trick or treating. She made me promise to save her some lots of the good candy . . . 


Arrgghh, Pirates!

I love it when a plan comes together. 

Hubby bought this pirate ship backdrop months ago, planning to get pics with the baby grands over the summer. 

 Lady pirates with attitude

But we got busy, and the idea languished, 

until this week 

when he spotted a full-size talking pirate on sale (half price!) at a local store. 

Marie went costume shopping yesterday and voila - 

cutest photo shoot we’ve had yet. 

Donovan was napping for the first photo session -

plus wrangling him and Jaclyn at the same time would probably not have gone well - 

so he had his own session afterward. 

My favorite pic of the day is this one - 

Jac, standing just off camera and trying to comfort Donovan, saying, "Don’t cry Donvey, I right here."



Pumpkin Painting Party

We love Halloween and decorate almost as much as we do for Christmas. 

So how could I pass up painting pretty pumpkins with a pack of my favorite peeps?

The painting parties are held at local restaurants, which usually works out well . . . 

but today a youth soccer team party bumped us from the indoor dining room to the outdoor patio.

Did I mention today was windy, with temps in the low 90’s?

And that a second soccer team decided to have their party - with awards! and cheering! - on the sidewalk right beside us?

I felt bad for our teacher, having to compete with wind and noise, 

but we had a blast anyway.

Can’t wait to do it again. Indoors. With air conditioning.

 Leia’s nod to Nightmare Before Christmas 





 Teacher’s sample


Knife Skills

Jac is quite good at washing strawberries and grapes 

so today we moved on to (plastic) knife skills.

After scraping her thumb once, she figured out how to hold the "blue berries" with her fingers out of the way. 

The washing and cutting kept her (and grandma) entertained for over 30 minutes each - not bad for an active 3 year old. 


Farm Day

Today was our best chance of getting the local baby-grands together, 

so as soon as school was out, 

we packed them up and headed for a local pick-your-own farm and petting zoo. 

 Jac was riding in style 

I thought we were going for pumpkins - Halloween is next week, people! - 

but nobody except me had much interest in that. 

 Big D’s first pony ride

The littles were all about the rides and the animals.

It was only as we were leaving, 

as employees were locking the gates behind us, 

that Leanne said "but what about pumpkins??" 

Guess we’ll have to make another trip to get pumpkins 

 Hooray! A pic with all 4 grandkids!

(and more pictures!)

 Jac was patient while I tried out my new camera

 Father-daughter moment; fixing Leia’s hat hair