Happy Belated

I'm a bad sister. Vickie's birthday was 2 weeks ago and I just gave her present to her today. My excuse is that it was a joint venture from Wenona & I, so Wenona needed to be there when the present was opened. Right? That's the story I'm sticking with.

The gift is a project bag to carry crafty works-in-progress.
The handles are long enough to sling over your shoulder and the interior is roomy enough to carry knitting, crochet, stitchery, or just a good book. The piece is called "Sisters". I did the embroidery and Wenona created the bag.

I've really gotten hooked on this African Folklore Embroidery. Remember Elvis Liberace?
Wenona made him into a project bag for me. And today we picked up a turtle kit for Wenona. I'll do the embroidery and she'll make the bag. And I have a turtle kit for me . . . . and a bird kit because it was so cute. That ought to keep me busy for a little while.

I found this at Michael's yesterday.
Spinners are crazy enough to spin just about anything.

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Sharon said...

I love the project bag with the "sister's" design - I loved all the "sister's" designs. Sure wish Leora would send mine....... But, more importantly; Happy Birthday Vickie!!!

BTW - Did I mention I turn 49 THIS month? LOL *grin*

UGH!! What the heck am I laughing at? That means next year I turn Fi~~~~ Fi~~~~ Fif~~~~ Fifty.
How did that happen??????????