Every now and then I get an email offer that’s too good to pass up. $35 seats at the Pantages, for a magician who’s spent the last 2 years on Broadway as part of the Illusionists? And it’s family friendly? Yes, please!! 

Oh, did I mention the offer included seats only 8 rows from the stage??? Leia and Leanne were thrilled. 

We had time to kill before the show - even after stopping for dinner in Burbank - so we wandered up Hollywood Blvd, looking at the stars on the Walk of Fame

 Johnny Cash!!

and enjoying dessert at the new Pie Hole restaurant. (The strawberry rhubarb was among the best I’ve ever had. Yummmm.)

Before tonight’s show, I didn’t know much about Adam Trent, only that he’d been part of the Illusionists on Broadway.

He did magic, and was family-friendly, so he’d probably be good, right? 

He was great! The show combines magic, music and humor and we were having a great time even before . . . Adam chose Leanne to come up on stage to help with a magic trick!

She was soooooo excited.


Pick a card...


Write your name . . .

Watch the magic happen!

Adam presented Leanne with a DVD on magic and the card he used in the trick. He also told her if she put the card under her pillow, it would magically turn into a $5 bill. Can’t wait to see how he pulls that one off . . . *

* We talked Leanne into letting her mom frame the card, in exchange for $5. But it took a lot of persuasion. She really, really wanted to see that trick come true. 


Another Year Older

What a difference a year makes - more hair, more teeth and a LOT more opinions. 


Jaclyn turned two today but we celebrated yesterday with a trip to every parent’s (and grandparent’s) favorite place - Chuck E Cheese!*

Jac loved it. She played some games on her own but decided she’d much rather hang out with Leia,

run around with sissy Leanne,

dancing with the mouse,

or help mama count tickets.

Speaking of which, Leia was definitely the Queen of Tickets - this batch, won on a single game, was at least 3 times as tall as she!

But sometimes birthdays can be overwhelming, especially when you’re 2, haven’t had a nap, and the magic card won’t make the games work anymore.

Then it’s time for an epic tantrum as grandma carries you screaming from the building. Happy birthday, sweet Jac-Jac. May Year Three be even better. 

* CEC isn’t as bad as it used to be and I almost don’t mind going. The food is decent and, rather than tokens, they have debit-type cards that can be loaded (and reloaded) with either a set number of tokens or a time limit. Much easier for kids and adults. 


Phase One Done

Phase 1 of my Kingfisher Stitchalong is done. Whoohoo!!

The flowers are all hand-stitched English paper-piecing (EPP for short) and I’m addicted to making them. Who knew hand-sewing could be this much fun?

 The flowers all have sparkly metallic thread. So pretty.

Phase 2 is sewing flowers to the background diamonds and I can’t decide if I want to hand-sew or machine-stitch them. 

Each has its pluses. Hand-stitching - even though it takes longer - may win out since I can do it while watching tv with hubby. Maybe I’ll start off hand sewing and switch to the machine if I get bored?? The diamonds and borders will be machine sewn, once I get to that point.

 Leftovers - top 3 are duplicates, bottom 2 are my least favorite.

The Stitchalong runs until the end of July, with everyone working at their own pace. I’m hoping to have this completely finished by then, the fates and sick grandkids willing. If you’re on Instagram, check out all the lovely progress pics at #KingfisherStitchalong. 

P.S. Leanne helped me count the finished flowers last week and pick out background fabric. Her dress was as sparkly as my flowers. 


Jackie Jac

Jaclyn’s second favorite thing* to do at Grandma and PopPop’s 

is watering the plants,

or the yard art,

or the ground, whichever catches her attention first. 

We keep her bucket - and her new water shoes - handy. 

 Green-watering the ground. Red-her favorite bird.

Every day, as soon as she’s up from her nap, it’s “out” and “water!” time.

*Her first favorite thing is trying to pet Lily Kitty, who wants *nothing* to do with her.


Two Months

Look who’s two months old already!

At Monday’s doctor visit, Donovan weighed 13 pounds, 13 ounces, and measured 23.5”, 

which puts him in the 80% for weight and the 60% for height. 

The doctor was impressed that Mr. D was already able to hold his head up on his own. Go, Donovan!


Playing Ketchup

Leia’s sojourn distracted me from everything else going on, so let’s play catch-up, shall we?

Fathers Day at Topper’s. Three generations - Donovan, Dad and Pop.

Marie’s belated birthday. Did you notice who’s in every picture but one?

I barely missed Jac in that one - she was at dad’s elbow, trying to shove her way into the frame. So funny.

My mini-me and crafting buddy. She even sits like I do. (Leanne is sewing up body parts, as you do. Kiwi Crates are awesome.)

Donovan’s tummy time.

Freyja missed Leia, and vice versa. Also? Frejya, at one year, weighs more - and is probably longer - than Leia at age 9.

Leanne’s first drive-thru car wash. She couldn’t decide where to look first. So exciting! 🤣

Leanne has an independent streak, which can be good and bad. On the good side - she decided she wanted pigtails, so that’s what she did. I think she did a great job for her first time.

And finally, I fell in love with a quilt that a friend was just finishing and talked her into selling it to me. 

Almost-two year old provided for scale. And because she would.not.get.out.of.the.way. 


Bunnies and Bears

We celebrated Leia’s impending hospital release 

by taking Leanne and Jac to Build-a-Bear.

Jaclyn is usually a ham when a camera is pointed her way but she made Pop work for these pics.

I’m not going to smile.
Nothing you do will make me smile. 
Dang it.
Can’t believe I smiled.


What A Week, Part 2

(Part 1 is here)

After I left Tuesday morning, Leia was moved from her regular room into Pediatric ICU when her oxygen levels wouldn’t stabilize. She was not a happy camper. In addition to  feeling crummy, she hated having the cannula in her nose. She brightened a bit when the nurses brought her play-doh (pneumonia meant she couldn’t visit the communal playroom)

and was even happier when she received a gift bag from Disney with stuffed animals, coloring books and more. 

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning found us me watching the monitors and enjoying hourly visits from respiratory and nursing staff.

Leia got restless if I wasn't touching her - thrashing around and trying to pull out the hated cannula - so I spent the night with my feet propped on her bed, watching her sleep.

She ended up sleeping through everything, including a 6 am blood draw (her only reaction was one big tear that trailed down her cheek).

 She refused to eat anything until I brought in the big guns - her favorite Motts applesauce. 

Wednesday was better. Leia was still in ICU,

still tired,

but had enough energy and concentration 

 Pinball, Yahtzee and emoji bead necklaces. 

to play with the toys Daddy brought her.

 Waffles and bananas 

Thursday Leia got her first solid food since Monday. Whoohoo!

She taught mom to play Yahtzee (and made her mom text me and daddy when mom got her first ever Yahtzee 😂🤣)

went walk-about to the playroom where the therapy dogs were visiting

 Beating Daddy at Wii

and late Thursday afternoon was moved out of ICU and back to a regular room.

 Leia and Fireena (a gift from Disney)

She was still having respiratory treatments 

and was still too tired to stay awake though our movie, but our hopes were high she would be released on Friday . . . . 

 Leia is so over this hospital thing.

Didn’t happen. Doctors decided her oxygen levels weren’t stable enough and they wanted to run one last test on her stomach issue, so it wasn’t until Saturday that she was finally, finally paroled released.

And that made her a very happy girl.