Happy Dance

I've been doing the happy dance all day. I have pictures of the newest addition to my studio. But first - I finished my Tour de Fleece challenge! WooHoo! And I **LOVE** the way the yarn turned out. It went from this as singles: to this when it was plied: to this - 214 yards of beautiful yarn! This was taken before I set the twist - it's well balanced, with no sign of my usual overtwisting. This was the first fiber I've spun on Bekki, the Ashford Traveller I found at a flea market. I don't think I'll be trading her in any time soon.

Studio Update

Dick has been very busy in my studio. It has gone from this:
to this: and this: (I asked him if the tinfoil was for communicating with aliens . . . ) to THIS: Isn't it gorgeous?? There's a gel burning fireplace (real flames but no chimney required. Pretty cool!) I love the colors and textures in the slate and tile base. And a shelf for my treasures. I'm going to put a few of my spindles on display here. Dick plans to build a shelf unit on each side of the fireplace so I can display books and other items. But that can wait for awhile. Next week, Phase II of the remodel starts!

Garage Photos

This is for Chuck, who wanted to know where all the usual garage clutter was in the photos I posted earlier this week. Well . . . . the single bay is wall-to-wall car, no room for the usual debris.

The double garage does have clutter, although Dick calls this his 'tools of the trade'.
And who am I to argue? My goal is to - eventually - have as many spinning wheels as he has saws.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is "WOW". I'm in awe!!!! I love love love it.

Does Dick hire out? A fireplace like that would look perfect in that corner of our bedroom. (snicker)

Your yarn is beautiful. The colors are great!

Sharon said...

Studio Update:
The studio gets top billing in my comment – I don’t even have words to express how stunning that is. Dick just might be even more amazing than you………….I’m gonna have to get back to you on that one.
THANK GOODNESS IT WASN’T PURPLE GROUT!!! It’s absolutely fantabulous!!!!!!! *I’m still shaking my head in AWE of it’s beauty*

Tour de Fleece:
Gorgeous!!!! What else? I expected nothing less from you. :D

Garage Photos:
Now THAT’S what I call a garage!!! But I still see room to walk around. Hmmmm…. I wonder what that’s like????
Chuck will be feeling much better about this, I assure you.

spininmamma4 said...

Your yarn is beautiful!!

How did you manage to save the bobbin? Did you wind off to fix it?

Elisa said...

I did wind all the singles off. I put the broken bobbin on an upright lazy kate, set the spinning wheel for fast in-take (I didn't want to add any more twist), took a **deep** breath, and spun from the broken bobbin to the new bobbin. No problems. Hubby has already glued the bobbin back together, better than new.

Nannette said...

Your yarn is FABULOUS! WOW!!!

Love the studio space too! The fireplace (hee hee ... typoed fiberplace LOL) looks so cozy! ENJOY it!