I finished a pair of crocheted socks for Rachel - sure hope she likes them. (Details are here.) This is the first pair I've ever made for someone besides myself. It's not that I'm selfish (ok, maybe it is - I really enjoy wearing handmade socks) but they're a lot of work to do for someone you don't love a lot.
I also Navajo-plied the first bobbin of 'Red Sky At Night' from roving I bought several years ago at Spinderellas. A photo that better captures the glitz and sparkle is here. My yarn counter doesn't work for crap, but I think this is about 225 yards of DK-ish yarn. I have another big bobbin ready to ply, plus another 3-4 ounces to spin. I'm hoping to get enough yarn out of this to make a shawl. I **love** the color and the sparkle.


My Really Big Bag

Just added a new free pattern to Ravelry - My Really Big Bag. Crocheted with bulky yarn and a big hook, using only single crochet stitches, this works up fast. Pattern includes instructions for making a swatch, how to felt in a washing machine, and how to do the dreaded maths - figuring your shrinkage so you get the size bag you want. Pattern does not include how to add the cute monkey lining but instructions are available on the Internet.



Rocky Mountain National Park is always gorgeous but this was something special. We turned a corner one rainy afternoon and found this -

a spectacular double rainbow. (click photos to enlarge)We'd never seen anything like it - and bet we never will again.


Estes Park Cabin

I was in charge of locating our home-away-from-home in Estes Park. It's hard to find a place - and know the quality of what you're getting - when you move away from hotel/motels/B&B's and start looking into cabins and single-family homes. On our last few trips, I've used TripAdvisor for opinions and reviews and have to say I've been very happy with the results.

After a marathon search (6 hours . . . ) and a lot of nail-biting, I finally settled on Solitude Cabins - and it was wonderful. Everything was super clean and well maintained, and the staff was friendly and helpful. The house we ended up with was two storieswith two bedrooms, two full baths, a great view from the upstairs balcony - rustic living room with fireplace, deck with grill and views of the neighborhood and mountains,

Addy was waving to her mom - we sent this photo to Rachel via cellphone

and plenty of room to stretch out in the evenings and just enjoy.
Such a lively bunch
The kitchen even had room enough for a bowling alley, Addy-style. Why waste time rolling the ball when it's so much faster (and more fun) to knock them down, up close and personal. As you can tell, Addy loves bowling.



Addy was fascinated with my cell phone and digital camera. While we were on our hike in Rocky Mountain National Park (more on that later), she asked to take some photos with my brand new camera. And of course, being the doting Grandma that I am, I said 'sure!' (and kept the strap firmly around my wrist. I said 'doting' not 'stupid'.)

While Dick and Bill went into Subway to get our hike lunch, Carolyn and I took Addy to a small playground next to the parking lot. Addy doesn't want anything to do with the swings, but she loves the slide.


Father's Day

Sorry about not posting in awhile. I went into deep vacation mode while in Colorado, then brought back a cold/flu/bug that's been kicking my b**t ever since. (I even canceled a crochet class on Saturday, something I've never done before. I figured they'd rather not have a class with a side dose of fever, headache and runny nose.)

Today's the first day I've felt like doing much of anything, which was a good thing it being Father's Day and all.

The Dads

Marie had to be at work in Santa Barbara by 11, so we had an early breakfast with most of the California branch -
The littlest princess has 2 teeth now. So cute!

then Dick and I went to the bookstore (lots of good stuff), a movie (Taking of Pelham 123 - surprisingly good), lunch and a long drive along twisty, winding back roads with the car's top down. Fun! Back home for a nap (see 'kicking my b**t' above), then Gary stopped by while working to say happy pop's day too. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!
Naia made good use of the ribbon from one of Dick's gifts.


Escher's Horses

Saw this on Ravelry and couldn't resist. (Non-Ravelry link here.) Started it last night even though I should be working on the two knit sweaters in my WIP's*. The designer made the chart - an extensive, full-color chart - available for free on her blog. I'm continually amazed by the generosity of fiber people.

Tapestry crochet is hard on my hands and arms - juggling 3 strands of yarn in each stitch and using a small hook with very tight tension - so I'll be doing this a few rows at a time.
crappy cell phone photo; colors are deep purple (surprise!), red and bright yellow.

MC Escher is one of Gary's very favorite artists; I'm not sure I even knew who he was until Gary started pointing out his works. Now I love his drawings and illusions. Love that I can crochet one too.

*Works In Progress


Yarnie Update

Work on my February Lady's Sweater is progressing. I'm past the garter stitch top and about 2 repeats into the gull-lace bottom. I love how this sweater looks when it's done - so feminine and graceful. (Check out the 5,887 other Feb Lady sweaters on Ravelry.) This isn't a difficult knit but I do have to pay attention now that I'm on the lace - definitely don't want to rip it back to fix a mistake.I'm alternating work on the Lady sweater with my Cozy Jacket. This is straight garter stitch, so it's pretty mindless. I'm almost done with the first sleeve, which leaves just the second sleeve, button bands and bottom trim. Hoping to have this done in time to wear in the fall . . . of this year.

I had an idea for a crocheted scarf -
I ripped out a stalled project and repurposed the Lorna's Laces yarn into a scarf I'm calling 'Picot Flower'. Pattern should be up on Ravelry (and on my sidebar) later tonight.



I got the bug to do some painting, and since Dick won't let me touch the walls, I settled for the grandkids' toy box. I used to do a lot of wood and tole painting, before I got hooked so deeply in the fiber world. I've also wanted to use chalkboard paint on something - anything - but never had an excuse until now. The sides of the plain-jane box got several coats of red and blue paint and the top became a chalkboard. I added some pre-painted wood cut-outs - a palm tree (which doubles as a chalk holder) and rubber duckie for Addison and a dragonfly for me - Moto-Moto (a name so nice you say it twice) for Rachel - and an alligator for Miles. The grands haven't seen my masterpiece yet. Sure hope they like it!


Library Girl

It took two trips to Ventura, but all 32 boxes of library books and magazines are out of storage and in my house. Now I just need to get them organized and computerized (on LibraryThing) so they can move back out again. The 'cleaned up' look didn't last long, did it?