Hot, Hot Days of Summer

Dick and I spent most of the day searching for air conditioners for the upstairs bedrooms. Ten stores, four cities, and at least five hours later we scored two window units at our local K-Mart. Since it is so close to home, we should have thought to start there - or make it our second or third stop. But then we wouldn't have appreciated our victory quite as much. Right.

We are close to the coast, so the temperatures haven't been as high here as they are further inland. But 90+ degrees and high humidity is not something we are used to. Or want to get used to. This was the temperature in poor Marie's room at 7 p.m.
No wonder she and Gary haven't been able to sleep. Hopefully, the units will work quickly and they will be more comfortable tonight.

I'm getting more spinning done. Joining the Tour de Fleece and the Summer Spinning Challenge was a good idea. Sometimes I need a push to motivate me. I completed my Tour goals well before the end of the Tour de France. The five hours I spun at the Guild meeting on Saturday and another hour last night will go toward meeting my Challenge goals.

Poor Florence, the Lendrum, isn't getting much exercise lately. I'm enjoying
Bekki, the Ashford Traveler, so much that she's the only wheel I've been using. So I bought myself an early birthday present - a Woolee Winder. I have a Winder for Florence and it is amazing how much faster I can spin and how much more fiber I can pack on a bobbin. I'm hoping the same will hold true with Bekki. But Bekki has been spinning so well, I'm hesitant to put the new toy on. I'm afraid I'll jinx myself or something.

And look what the mail brought me today! It is the most gorgeous purple and violet silk hankie for spinning. Morgan sent it after the address snafu on the Spindler's Summer Breeze exchange. Thanks, Morgan! I love it.

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Sharon said...

Holy Cow!!! I can't believe they have been able to stand it up there without a/c all this time.

They are gonna LOVE life now.

Way to go K-mart. I'm amazed!!! All I hear on the news is how you CAN'T find anything in the store for relief.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the sweater Elisa!! You are putting your sister to shame with all you accomplish.

If you are dying with 90+ weather, I hope you can handle my neck of the woods this weekend...109+. Humid...oh my gosh...this is the desert with dry heat right? "Anyone can handle dry heat;" what goof ball said that? Oops may have been me! :) vickie