Garage Star

One of the things we added during the remodel was a third bay in the garage. Now, Dick has a 2-car garage dedicated as his woodworking-stained glass-rock sculpting shop and a separate, enclosed area for his baby, a convertible BMW Z3. The entire garage is drywalled and painted. Very different from the bare studs (the timber kind, not the guy kind) of our old garage.

Dick's been haunting Ebay auctions lately, buying 'art'. And yesterday, he decorated the Z3's room:
These are some of his favorite movies - Indiana Jones, Dirty Harry, Star Wars, the Three Stooges, and Jaws. I'm sure more movie posters are coming. (I'm betting a John Wayne poster will be next. Any takers?)

The other wall is reserved for car posters:
He got two more posters today - one features E-type Jaguars (like the one he plans to rebuild) and the second has BMW's. I wonder how many posters he can fit on that wall before he has to start putting them on the ceiling?

Crochet Update

Here's a closeup of the border on yesterday's stroller blanket. I'm still really pleased with how it turned out - especially since I based the design on how much of each color yarn I had. I weighed each ball before I crocheted a row, then weighed it again to see if I had enough for another row. Pretty funny way to operate, but it worked.


Sharon said...

WOW!! I'm REALLY impressed with the way you worked out the border by weight. Good job - it looks fantastic, I love the close up.

Chuck wants to know where all the "stuff" is. He has never seen an empty garage before (you can't even walk in through ours).

Anonymous said...

I'm not 'even' going to show Glenn the pictures of Dick's garage. He'll want one for his Mustang. Ha!