Hoppy Easter

The day didn’t go quite as planned - Pop and Jac were both sick and missed the fun - but the rest of us had a great time. 

Egg coloring - 

Egg hunting - 

 On your mark, get set . . .

Family fun - 


Monterey Aquarium

Monterey and Pacific Grove, where our hotel* was located, are among our favorite travel destinations 

but it’s been years (2007??) since we’ve been here. 

So glad we decided to visit this week

and bring the grandgirls.

They loved the aquarium, 

especially the “touchable” exhibits,

and we lucked into some great docents 

who took the time to interact with the girls and answer all Leanne’s questions.

Jac was fascinated by the otters

and I got to spend time with my favorite octopi 

(no pictures of the “real” ones but the steampunk versions were cool)

and an entire room of jellyfish and nettles. 

Jac decided she’d had enough at about the three hour mark 

- our little 2-year-old tyrant darling doesn’t do well when it’s past her nap time,

even after she’s been fed.

Both girls were sound asleep almost as soon as we started for home.

I wish Monterey wasn’t quite so far away so we could visit more often - 5 hours is a long time for little girls to be cooped up in the car, even with electronics (old-school DVD players, for the win!) And now I want to go see the sea dragons at the Long Beach Aquarium . . .

* Deer Haven Inn in Pacific Grove was great. Super fast WiFi, well-sized rooms, good prices, and friendly staff. 

More jelly pics, because I love them:


Monarch Refuge

We’re in Pacific Grove overnight, planning to take Jac and Leanne to the Monterey Aquarium tomorrow.

After 5 hours in the car,

and with the need for the girls to walk softly in our upstairs hotel room,

running off a bit of energy seemed like a great idea.

Good thing the Monarch Butterfly Santuary is less than 5 minutes from our hotel.

It was an easy trail, 

with enough signage 

and things to look at to keep the girls entertained.

And when it started raining about halfway through our walk?