Leia went with me to my hair appointment, where there are a lot of big mirrors. “Let’s take our picture together,” she says.

Silly girl. 🤣


Our Life

A day in our life . . .

Donovan only naps if Papa is holding him, and usually for only 30 minutes at a time. When he’s awake, he wants Grandma to hold him and sing silly songs. Good boy.

We made glitter slime this time. 

Colorful sparkles make everything better.

Mended a hole in Leia’s new jacket by adding a patch to the front,

emoji fabric inside and embroidery to pull it all together. She loves it and wants to add a patch to the other side too. Win!

First Halloween decoration is up, made by my pal Debbie. I’m curious to see Jaclyn’s reaction tomorrow. She is adamantly opposed to spiders but these are so cute!

Leia fell asleep tonight with brother Donovan’s favorite lovey. She thinks she’s a big kid but I know different. 💕💕


Slime Girls

Leanne has been begging me to help her make slime for a couple of weeks. I was hesitant - we tried this once before and it was not a success - but the girl is slime-obsessed, so I finally gave in. 

We tried this recipeit doesn’t require borax, which I refuse to use, and I had all the ingredients on hand.

Success!! Leanne was beyond thrilled. 

I worried that Jac wouldn’t like the damp, slimy texture

but she loved it.

Jac called it her “ice cream” and gave Sissy the “no no no” finger-wag when Leanne tried to touch it. (It’s toward the end of the video. Still makes me laugh.)

Good thing I bought a gallon jug of Elmer’s glue. I think we’ll be making a lot of this.


Space Launch

We remembered, on our way home from an impromptu antiquing trip to Cambria and Arroyo Grande, that SpaceX had a launch scheduled from Vandenberg at 7:20 Sunday night. 

We took the slow back route to Lompoc (via Hwy 1), had a leisurely dinner, then found a parking lot with an unobstructed view and settled in to wait. 

So worth it!!

I know most of S. California could see the rocket’s red glare but there was just something special about watching from less than 10 miles away and feeling the roar from both take-off and landing.

Hubby is a space nerd and SpaceX fan so seeing this first - successful! - West Coast land landing of the orbital rocket was a big thrill. 

We both can’t wait to go again - and take the grandgirls with us. 


Pumpkin Babies

Mary had a photo-op idea for her mom’s group. I made a pumpkin hat for the babies to wear -

and she bought a giant pumpkin, cleaned it out, cut some leg holes with Pop’s help and voila -

cutest baby photos ever. 

Then it was our turn.

Leanne loved posing with the pumpkin

and with cousin Donovan. 


She hated the whole idea,

even when Sissy tried to help,

and especially when somebody plopped the pumpkin hat on her head. 

Poor baby. (I’m still laughing. Such a bad grandma.)

We tried again today, after Jaclyn had a good night’s sleep.

Much happier baby 

but dang those fingers must taste good. 

I managed a few photos without them in her mouth, 

but she really really liked chewing them today. 

Happy pumpkin season, y’all!


Pumpkin Time

Donovan’s mama asked if I’d make a crochet pumpkin hat, baby-size, for a photo shoot she wants to do with her mom’s group. 

This is the first thing I’ve crocheted in 2.5 years, since I tore a ligament-thingee in my shoulder. 

I think it turned out pretty well, considering how rusty I am. And I can’t wait to see it on sweet Donovan. 

I’m also curious to see how my shoulder feels tomorrow. (Fingers crossed 🤞)


Toddler Times