Thought I was going to finish this tonight, ready to put borders on tomorrow, 

but apparently I can’t count. I’m 3 blocks short on the final row. D*mn it. Good thing I bought extra fabric. 



Found this soft pretzel recipe on FB, so Leanne and I decided to give it a try.

Oh my. These were seriously delicious. There’s only one left, which Leanne has claimed for her breakfast. My plans for tomorrow now include making another batch. Yummmmm. 

* We also tried the cheese sauce referenced in the recipe - it’s ok but too bland for me. I’d rather just have plain cheese. 


Artists In Training

Pop came home from last Wednesday’s flea market with a present for the girls.

 Double-fisting her crayons 

They all like making art but Jaclyn is obsessed with painting and coloring.

She was the first baby-grand to see it

and was so excited I couldn’t get a clear picture because she wouldn’t stand still.

The easel has a storage area for crayons 

and folds down to briefcase size, which will be nice if the girls ever let us put it away. 


Circle Block

Finished another block last night

while watching tv and keeping the cat warm. 

This isn’t what I’m making (yet . . .) 

but it is inspiration to keep me practicing and learning more Sashiko.



I’ve taken a Sashiko class once beforeso when a local guild offered an all day workshop I signed up more for the social aspect than anything else. I definitely don’t need more obsessions hobbies and thought I was pretty safe since the first class left me underwhelmed hobby-wise. 

 Nancy Ota’s Clouds

I’d forgotten what a difference a great teacher - and a different angle - can make. The first class was presented as ‘visible mending’, an idea that was just gaining popularity. Today’s workshop focused on quilts and embellishments as art.

 Nancy Ota’s Cranes and Bamboo

And it was gorgeous. And fun. And relaxing.

I am soooooo hooked. 

My first practice piece was nothing to write home about. (It’s a Plover, a type of bird.)

But I love my second piece, which I finished at home tonight. It reminds me of rosepath, one of my favorite weaving structures, but it’s done with just straight lines - no complicated charts or instructions to follow. 

I may have bought the pattern for Cranes And Bamboo (above). And a kit for Fans.

And stopped on the way home to buy multiple yards of dark blue cotton/linen fabric when I had a sudden Great Idea. 

 Sample by Nancy Ota

I may not have wanted a new obsession hobby, but I definitely have one.



I never knew how much I need rope bowls until tonight’s class.

Sew easy. And fun, fast and addictive.

I made 2 bowls in less than 2 hours,

with a $9 bundle of clothesline

and a LOT of thread.

I’ve spent another 2 hours (ok, more like 3 hours) searching Pinterest for variations and tutorials. 

Formulating big plans to rope (ha!) the little girls into painting some cord, and figuring out how to tie dye finished bowls. This should be fun!!


Frustration Fixer

I thought I was almost finished with this top

but my fav quilt teacher reminded me that, no matter what the pattern says,
I really do need to stitch around each of these damn deer rather than relying on fusible interfacing and long-arm quilting to hold them in place. 

It’s slooooow going. 

So tonight while Lily toasted herself near the space heater - turning every now and then so all her parts were evenly crispy

I made this Chinese Lantern quilt block, from my overflowing scrap bin, for Thursday’s guild meeting. Fast. Easy. Done. 

Tomorrow, I’m back to the deer.