Wedding Roller Coaster

First a wedding - 

for a favorite niece and her very dashing fella. Even without social distancing, I bet they would have chosen a meadow venue. So beautiful. This was my first experience with Zoom meetings. Leanne, who uses it every week for distance learning, was kind enough to give me some pointers and I’d read enough to know how to use the “mute” button so I didn’t embarrass myself. . .

Leanne’s class has been studying force and motion. 

One of the optional assignments was to design and build a roller coaster, so that’s how she and Pop spent their morning. 

Leanne came up with the design and did all the work. Pop was there for encouragement and a little how-to help.

Didn’t she do a great job? She was so pleased with herself. 

Distance learning at it’s finest. 


Tie Dye Day

We took a break from distance learning on Monday for an outdoor art class. 

Pop found cotton sheets for a reasonable price on eBay

so I rounded up some tie dye supplies,

pinned the sheets down with rocks

and turned the girls loose. 

I thought Leanne might try some fancy designs using the kit’s rubber bands

but both girls were happy to just spray color at will. 

Or where the wind took it. Pro tip - don’t expect to stay clean when tie dyeing on a windy day. 

Jac was very annoyed when she couldn’t wash the dye off her hands, legs, face and shirt. Oopsie. 

 Leanne’s masterpiece

We let the dye set overnight, then did a vinegar soak followed by a wash and dry on high heat.  

 Jac’s new bed cover

The dye didn’t stay as vibrant as I’d hoped - maybe due to the sheets’ 30% polyester content and/or that we didn’t get the fabric wet before applying the dye - 

 Tie dye T-shirt - she used the rubber bands!

but the girls had fun and that’s what matters. 

And I have more dye for this guy and his big sister when she gets back from her mom’s. That’s going to be another super fun day. 


Avocado Explosion

Donovan really enjoys his food.

Glad I’m not the one in charge of clean up.


Quilty Progress

I’ve made more progress than I expected this week.

 Can’t show the top till it’s been gifted. 

The fairy quilt top is done and heads out for long-arm quilting as soon as Marie picks backing fabric tomorrow. This isn’t a birthday quilt, per se, but my plan is to have it finished by her bday in June. 

Charming Lucy’s four rows are sashed and sewn together. I’m hoping to attach the row sashing tomorrow and decide whether or not to add a border. 

Lucy’s original plan called for five rows but I mangled a couple of blocks - and have no extra charm squares - so I think she looks just fine a tad bit shorter. I’m not a big fan of square quilts but this one is growing on me.  



Tuesday was Jac’s turn to cook. 

She had trouble at first 

getting the beans to "snap" 

but she was determined to succeed. 

And no, she wouldn’t eat them. 


Angel Cake

Monday was Leanne’s day to be Pastry Chef.

We took a break from school work to study equally (more?) important things

like separating eggs (she was a pro by the time we finished the needed dozen),

beating to form ‘soft peaks’ (we took turns since it takes awhile)

and sifting, then gently folding in, dry ingredients.

A little baking, a little cooling and voila,

a yummy base for fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce. 


Leia Day

Friday was our Leia day. She started out in Ojai,

visiting the baby squirrel 

her aunt is rehabbing. 

So cute!

Then it was time to turn on the air conditioner and fire up the oven.

We started with chocolate lava cakes, a first for both of us.

Leia learned several new skills, including separating eggs, which she really liked.

I’m still amazed at how easy - 

and how delicious! -  these were. 

We’ll definitely be making them again. 

Next up was a lemon jello cake from a recipe my mother used to make.

Leia doesn’t like lemons (or anything fruity or sour) so she wasn’t very enthusiastic before we started. But she’s a true Baker at heart - give her a measure cup and a mixer and she’s happy. 

This wasn’t the prettiest cake we’ve made but it was sooooooo good. The "icing" is a can of frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed and spooned over the still warm cake. Perfect blend of sweet and tart. 

And our final project was a pot roast dinner, complete with potatoes, carrots and green beans, all cooked in the Instant Pot. Leia learned to peel carrots (she liked it), snap green beans (not a fan) and season a roast (didn’t hesitate to get her hands dirty - that’s my girl!) An added bonus was Leia learning she really, really liked fresh green beans. 

Now if she would just learn to clean up after herself . . . (Just teasing - Leia did an incredible job with all the cooking and baking. Proud of her.)