I finally worked up the courage for the next step with my Tula Nova -

taking a perfectly fine (if a bit thick) quilt top

 Lily kitty “helped”

and cutting the back off. 

Just a small snip at first, 

using the Tula Pink duckbill shears purchased just for this project (they are fabulous!)

I was afraid I’d cut too deep and go through the top layer too - disaster! - but the “bill” kept the blade well away from the danger zone. 

And voilá!

 All hand-stitched

I pulled the remaining papers from the outer edge, pressed a couple of wayward seams and this baby is ready for long-arm quilting. Sew exciting!


Kid Bed Update

It took a couple of afternoons to get it fully installed, 

but the steps Pop made 

are now attached to Leanne and Jac’s modified bunk bed, 

 From 2011, when Naia and Leia got their new bed

the one we’ve been storing since Naia and Leia outgrew it.

I think it’s going to have a happy second life with very happy girls. 



Ballerina Jackie, in the house.

I’m not sure where she’s getting her moves - she’s never had ballet classes - but she *loves* walking and moving “like a ballerina.”

And she seems to know how to position her feet and hands, not just twirl around. 

Three-year olds are so much fun. (Pictures by Papa.)


Quilty Update

Saturday was a grand-free day, so while hubby worked on the stairs for the bunk bed he’s building Leanne and Jaclyn,  

I made progress on various quilty projects. 

Tula Nova is hand-appliquéd down and ready for the next step,

which is c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y. cutting out the inner circle of fabric so I can remove the remaining papers and get this ready for long-arm quilting. Hoping to have it completed by April, which will be a year from the workshop. Pretty fast for a hand-stitched project.

The Challenge quilt is coming along.

Lily “helped” by guarding my needs-to-be-cut pile.

She’s lucky to still have a tail after swishing it repeatedly over my in-motion rotary cutter. Good thing she’s cute.

And as long as I was cutting half-square triangles, why not sneak in this Valentine’s Day mini I just bought (I had a coupon! I couldn’t say ‘no’.) Just needs sewing together, and borders and quilting and binding. Piece of cake. 

Lastly, the first set of papers for my temperature quilt was too big (1 3/4” didn’t sound that large when I ordered them), so I made a few 1” papers to get going while I wait for the second order to arrive. This represents the first three days of January; each tumbling block finishes at 2” tall by 1 3/4” wide and I only need 363 more. This is going to be fun! Seriously. 


Glamor Girls

More makeup practice today.

They entertained themselves, happily, for over an hour, trying out different looks and colors.

And bonus? I’m not the one who has to wash the glitter off Jac’s face tonight.

That is not going to be pretty. 😂



Jac did her own makeup today.

She was *very* pleased with how good she looked. 

Getting her the makeup desk for Christmas turned out to be a great idea.

And who knows-with a little more practice, she could make a living at this. Or not. 


New Year, New Obsession

Now that Christmas sewing is done, I thought I was going to work on my ever-growing pile of UFO’s and the Challenge Quilt I signed up to complete by March 15. 

The challenge is still on - I resized this square 50” quilt (picture only, no pattern) down to about 27” square (quilt math for the win! yay!); in my mind, the center star is blue, with a blue border around the outside edge. Only 144 of 144 half-square triangles left to do! No pressure at all . . .

 Fat quarter bundle I bought last year

The UFO’s, however, have been pushed aside for a “have you lost your mind??" project - a year-long daily temperature quilt, made with English paper-pieced, hand-stitched diamonds. 

 2018-2019 high/low temps for my town

I stumbled over the idea on Instagram, where a group of quilters have made these for several years. One picture led to another and at 3:00 in the morning I was ordering papers, picking colors, 

downloading 2 years of weather data into Excel (once a geek, always a geek!), and telling myself it wasn’t crazy at all to hand-stitch this whole thing. 

This (not paper pieced) pic is the look I’m going for. The bottom sections of each block will show the day’s high and low temp; the top color is for sunny, cloudy or rainy weather.

I’m waiting for my papers to be shipped but everything else is in place, ready to catch up with the rest of the group. I’m excited!