Fancy Back

I love how this turned out.  

For most quilt backs, I sew two lengths of matching fabric together and call it good. 

But it seemed a shame not to use the three leftover pictures - especially this colorful otter - 

and I had exactly enough left of the jellyfish fabric to make it work. Some things are just meant to be. (I want more jelly fabric for meeeeeee! So pretty . . .)



Leia’s hair is long, thick and tangles easily. She hates dealing with all the snarls and knots but she also wants to grow it longer.

She was enthusiastic about learning to braid it herself, so last night we sat down with a practice board and three colors of the thickest yarn I could find.

Leia got the hang of things pretty quickly and even practiced with her eyes closed, since she wouldn’t be able to see what she’s doing when she braids her own hair. I figured another week of practice and she’d be good to go on her own. 

I sent her off this morning with hair I braided . . . and she came home with hair she braided. Apparently Leia and her friends practiced braiding her hair during lunch and recess. Looks like she won’t need that extra week after all. #SuperProudGrandma


Poppy Day

Monday was a school holiday (teacher in-service day) so we planned to take the girls on a short hike in Simi to admire the wildflowers.

Best laid plans, right?

I ended up staying home with a sick, miserable Jac 

while Pop took the poppets to see the poppies. (!)

Leia took most of these pics

including that first one, which I looooove,

and a “few” selfies (which makes me laugh).

She also took several pix of informational signs and I’m so proud, since I love doing that too.

The area is still recovering from this year’s Woolsey Fire,

with burnt trees and rocks but not a lot of ash remaining.

Lots of flowers, on a short (mostly) level

kid-friendly trail, with no crowds?



Dolphin Quilt

Borders are on - 

and I’ve started piecing the back. 

These are the panel sections that were left over when I finished the front. So happy I can use them too. 


Happy St Pat’s Day!

Matt and Mary took the kids to Ventura’s St Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday and got some great pix. Enjoy!



I planned to cut the pieces for Naia’s quilt today and start sewing tomorrow, 

but the cutting went so fast, with only one major oopsie - which is why I always buy extra fabric; learned that lesson the hard way! - 

that I was able to get the top finished tonight, except for the borders. Those will go on tomorrow (fingers crossed), then another day to make the “fancy” back and this will be ready for long-arm quilting. Whoohoo!


First Haircut

Donovan got his first haircut yesterday.

He wasn’t thrilled at first

but having Mom close by calmed him right down.

Isn’t he handsome??

And yes, I might be a touch biased. ;-)