Fun House

The Great Donovan Sleepover was roaring success.

 Feeding his babies

He slept through 2 out of 3 nights and didn’t seem to miss mom and dad at all (shhhh, don’t tell them that . . .)

I’d forgotten how active a 2-year-old is all. day. long. And how old we feel trying to keep up. 

 Sword fight with emery boards

Leanne was bored this afternoon,

so she tried some bubble experiments, all on her own. 


Leanne also curled and colored Jac’s hair.

Jac is not fond of having her hair brushed (understatement!) but she **loves** how it looks when Sissy styles it.


Deal Breaker

For the next three days, Pop and I get this,

along with lots of hide-and-seek,

 Where’s Donovan?

while his parents get this.

Pretty sure we got the best deal - 

IF Donovan sleeps through the night. 

He kept Mary up last night from 0330-0630.

That’s definitely a deal breaker on “best deal.”


Love Notes

Dear Leia, love you too. I put ink in the printer - and bought more paper. Love, GofA

 This note I found in my craft room is signed, “From your favorite Leia”. And she is my very favorite Leia. 



I’m late starting the Mini Maker Case SAL but I’m hoping to catch up this weekend.

Pulled my fabric this afternoon and cut the pieces tonight. Tomorrow we sew!

For the top: Fox Wood by Betsy Olmstead for Windham Fabrics. 
Bottom and handle: Flame Orange and Metallic Gold From LUXE Collection by Hoffman. 
Lining: Tula Pink’s True Colors Hexy Rainbow 
And a teal zipper because I 💕💕 orange and teal together. Hope this looks as good IRL as it does in my head.

 Case by lillyella, Nicole Young


Zoom Zoom Reveal

It’s a pillow! Not a big surprise, right?

Jac helped me pick the backing fabric,

before I attached the zipper and made an insert for stuffing.*

Donovan helped me stuff 

(helped = pulled fabric out of the bins he could reach in my stash room)

then grabbed the pillow off my chair and claimed it for himself. The pillow’s comfortably oversized at 18x19”; I think it’s going to be very popular with all the pillow thieves grandkids.

* I dislike washing pillow stuffing unless I really have to. It gets all lumpy and bumpy and is never as comfortable afterwards.


Monday Fun Day

Our Monday travels are on hold now that Leanne is back in school, but we can still pack the day with fun. 

This week, we did tissue paper painting,

first with Jac 

and then with Leanne. 

A fun art project where you need only paper and water?

 Top 2 are Leanne’s, bottom are Jac’s 

And get pretty finished pieces?? We’ll definitely do this again. 

Leanne made porcupines for the first time. It’s one of Pop’s favorite meals and the girls love having it for school-day lunch.

And that hole in the middle? We were testing for “doneness”. Honest. Pay no attention to the full mouths just out of camera range. 

All that and we still had time (barely) for Leanne and I to ‘paint’ our nails with Color Street

So easy, a 9-year-old can do it very nicely. 


Zoom Zoom

It’s taken 9 months but I think I’ve finally found something I like about 2020 - quilting classes via Zoom. 

The guild I belong to in Santa Barbara held a workshop where the presenter was in her Texas studio and participants were at their homes in California. In my case, no driving for an hour to get to the workshop and if I forgot/needed something it was right here. Win!

 Fabric by Jennifer Sampou

Malka Dubrawsky (
check out her work - it’s gorgeous!) showed us how to take ombré fabric,

cut it into strips

 Starching and pressing at the halfway point did NOT make things better

and sew it together again, log cabin style.

 19.5” block

 Malka’s Shelter Quilt

My seams are wonky - it took me a couple of rounds to figure out what I was doing -

so rather than making the 20 blocks for Malka’s Shelter quilt,

I pulled out some scrap batting and quilted my lone, lovely block.

And tomorrow - or whenever I get a chance this week - I’ll turn it into . . . . . . . .