Can You See Me Now?

You can’t seeeeeeee meeeeeee

Lily was so interested in chewing on the delicious fake tree - one of her very favorite things - 

 Jac bouncing with excitement 

that she let the Jackie and Donovan get closer to her than she usually allows. 

Normally, she runs as soon as she sees a grandkid. Maybe she really thought she was invisible? #sillycat


Early Presents

its officially gift-opening season.


and Jaclyn 

got to open presents they received from Travis and Isaac.

I think Breanne nailed it!

Happy Early Christmas!


Christmas Begins

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. 

Yesterday the tree, then today lunch - and gifts! - with Breanne, Garrett and their boys.

So much fun.

Travis, who loves sports and reading, will be 8 on the 23rd

and Isaac turned 3 in October. 

Sure wish we lived closer - or all our lives would slow down - so we could see them more often. 

Merry first Christmas party of the season!


Meet Betsy

I opened one of my presents early . . .

Betsy* replaces a Sunbeam stand mixer I’ve owned for probably 25 years,

and would happily still be using if I could get replacement beaters for the ones I wore out. 

Leia and I put Betsy through her paces last Wednesday,

making Leia’s favorite chocolate chip cookies. 

They were even more excellent than usual, so I guess Betsy is here to stay.

* Betsy is a Hamilton Beach Eclectric 12-speed 4.5 quart stand mixer. I looked at the different Kitchen Aid mixers, along with a few others, and decided Bets was the best fit for me. Plus, I love her red paint!


Christmas Tree, Round 1

Our Christmas tree is 2/3’s decorated, thanks to Leanne and Jaclyn.

Leia will do the last section - all the breakable stuff we try to keep out of Jac and Donovan’s reach - when she comes over next week.

This was Jac’s first year as an active decorating participant. She was thrilled when she  mastered placing the little wire hangers on the branches (without bouncing the ornaments  off the ground first.) 


The new name ornaments were also a hit.

Jac was happy, honest! (She had just woken up from her nap. Her faces crack me up.)

Can’t wait for Donovan to see our tree for the first time. He’s going to be so excited. (Hope the tree survives . . .😜)


Extra Happy T-Day

The original plan had just Marie’s family celebrating the holiday with us.

But snow happens - 

Gary and Shelly’s plans to join her sister in the mountains got washed out - 

as does the flu - 

poor Mary caught Donovan’s stomach bug.

As bad as I feel for Mary, 

I was still pretty pleased 

that all my California tiny people 

were here for the day 

(except Leia, who’s with her mom).

Hope your Thanksgiving was extra happy too.


Baker Addy

On our last day in Colorado, we took Addy shopping to spend her birthday $$ (shoes and scrunches at H&M),

then settled in so Addy could try her hand at yeast rolls for the first time. 

 First rise is done!

We watched the video together before I walked her through the process, with Addy doing all the mixing and measuring. 

Using a pizza cutter to slice the dough and forming the balls - it takes skillwere her favorite parts. The end results were delicious.

Addy is planning to make these, on her own, for Thanksgiving with her dad’s extended family. Boy, are they in for a treat.