My Little Painter

Jac has the short attention span of a typical 2 year old, until you say “paint”.

Then she will happily spend an hour or two working on a masterpiece or two.

The only thing that makes it better?

When your favorite cousin wants to paint along.


It’s a Hard Life

This is Pop and Jackie’s favorite way to start the day; a little bit of breakfast, then a little snooze. 

That assures Jac has plenty of energy for hanging out later

with Donovan in the new play pen area Pop created.

At 10 months, Donovan is crawling and pulling himself up to stand with support,

but he hasn’t figured out how to take a step yet.

It won’t be long though!


Sewing Tuesday

Addy stayed home sick from school today (“I have no voice!”).

Mom thinks she was faking it since the voice magically reappeared about lunch time

but I was thrilled to have more Addy time.

Today’s project was sewing rope bowls.

Addy was a little hesitant, since her fingers were reeeeeeeeally close to the needle, 

 A tiny hat

but once she got comfortable, she was flying through these. 

She’s keeping one for herself, giving one to her bestie,

and the last one, my favorite, is a birthday present for her mom.

Tomorrow will be full of birthday fun (plus school for Addy), and we head home on Thursday, so I’m not sure we’ll get anymore crafting done. But I can hope!


Crafty Sunday

A visit to Colorado means lots of crafting with Addy and her mama. 

Addy wasn’t sure what she wanted to make this week but we finally settled on slime (almost a disaster until Rachel salvaged it with a little Borax and hot water);

cross-stitching following a chart - a first for Addy;

and Sashiko on both quilt blocks (Rachel) and denim skirts and jackets (Addy).

So happy these two like crafting and fiber crafts as much as I do! 


Big Game Quilt

Gifted this quilt to John today so I can finally show it off. 

The pattern is “Big Game” by Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies Quilts. 

It’s approx 70x73 - each block was 12x15” before piecing; 

the deer and background fabrics are all different (60 fabrics on the front, none repeated);

and it was long-arm quilted by My Pal Debbie with footballs and helmets. 

See that little square of blue fabric in the orange stripe?

It’s a piece left over from when I made Addy’s space quilt. (Awwwww)

This was a lot more work then I thought it would be, and I am ridiculously pleased with how it turned out. But the best thing of all - John likes it!


Early “V” Day

Happy almost Valentines Day!

We’re going to be traveling home from Colorado on February 14,

so we took these pics a little early.

As usual, the trickiest part was getting Jac to cooperate.

She definitely does her own thing,

and when she decides she’s done

you KNOW it.

And I’m still such a bad grandma - the crying Jackie pics are my favorites. 


Hello Dolly

We love musicals

and we love introducing the grandgirls 

to live theatre - and classic shows -

in beautiful settings like the Pantages. 

Hope we can continue to do this with the younger grands as they come ‘of age’.