Color Works

First, Interweave is having another "hurt" book sale. When I visited the site at 5 tonight, the selection was pretty picked over, but I still found two 'must have' books that were over half off retail price. I *love* their sales - and I love craft books!

I spent an hour and a half tonight spinning batts I made at Saturday's Guild workshop. Susie, my spinning mentor and fiber guru, taught us how to blend colors a la Deb Menz, using a color wheel for inspiration. We used Brown Sheep mill ends to produce very colorful batts - like this one -
which looks like this when spun. All the batts I made during the workshop are spun in sequence on this bobbin. I'm going to spin a solid color - maybe black or gray - and ply them together. I'll have a hodgepodge of colors but I think it will make great yarn for a crocheted hat.

This is a quilt I sent Rachel earlier this month.
I found it at the Fourth of July Street Fair in Ventura. It is (supposedly) handmade - just not handmade by me. I loved the dragonfly and other cute creatures. Rachel said it is going on the wall in Baby Addison's room.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the spinning you showed. Gorgeous!! You told me about the quilt, didn't realize it was so cute. Great find! :) v

Anonymous said...

What a cute quilt! That'll look great as a wall hanging.
The fiber is beautiful!