Big Box

What, oh what, do you do when a big box arrives on your doorstep from Cousin Addy and Auntie Rachel? First, you drag it to a comfortable spot.
Then you climb inside
and make yourself comfortable, preferably with your favorite blanket.
Once curiosity gets the better of you, you start tossing things over the side
and onto granma's lap, the better for her to fold and put away all your new dresses, shirts, pants, belts and shoes.

Then once the box is empty? It becomes a fort house castle play room, of course. 

And maybe we don't need to put all those shoes away just yet. Trying them on, over and over (and over), is lots more fun.
Thank you Addy and Auntie Rachel!


Theme Dresses

I've been on a finishing spree. Usually, I get projects underway - or under-planning - and then move on to something else. Addy's dress went in the mail today, so that's done (until I get photos of her wearing it. Hint, hint, Rach. . . ) And now these are finished too.

First up - a little something for Leanne. 
I found the t-shirt at the Disney outlet store and the fabric is from remnants I've picked up here and there. Leanne was more than happy to model. 
Like the shirt says, sooooooooo cute. 
Matt picked up a couple of shirts for Leia, specifically so I could turn them into dresses (he's a smart guy, making points with his mother.) A baseball shirt just begs for a summer theme . . . 
stars and 'dogs, anyone? 
This one is huge on Leia - the shirt's a size 8 - but she'll grow into it, probably by next baseball season. And eventually, we'll pass it right on down the line to Little Bits.
The other shirt is my favorite of the bunch - Merida and her bear brothers, hanging out by a creek. 
What could I do but add a few fish to complete the scene? I love this fabric.
The dress is a bit big on Leia - it reaches almost to her feet - but she loves it. She wore it all evening and would have worn it to bed if we'd let her.
Not bad for an afternoon's work.


Pillow Case Dress

I have to admit, I'm seriously proud of my newest Addy dress. It's the most advanced thing I've done since I starting sewing, less than a year ago. 
I found the pattern - Fat Quarter Pillow Case Dress - on Pinterest and the neatly bound, guaranteed-to-look-good-together fat quarter bundle at my fav fabric shop, Quilt Ventura.
Then it was just a matter of agonizing over deciding fabric placement, sewing it together - including top stitching, which I hadn't tried before -
and adding the little details that make this dress uniquely Addy's. Like a ruffle, made from fabric Rachel and I found on our fabric spree this summer -
bias tape shoulder ties, a double button ornament (to mark the front since both sides are the same)
and ties at the waist, with a button on each side for decoration. 
Addy is pretty particular about her dresses, so this one is a trial run. If she likes it (crossing fingers!), I'll be making more for her to wear this fall. 
If not . . . . guess I'll have to talk Leia and Leanne into wearing them. Because I will be making more - while I work up the courage to try the ruffle dress next.
from 2 Giggle Boxes blog

Notes: because I'll forget . . .
Straps: 42" long
Waist ties: 31" long
Top to ruffle: 24.75"
Top to bottom of ruffle: 27.5"
Top to stars print: 19.5"
Top to armpit seam: 4"
Armpit to tie: sits on 5"
Dress width: 21" (at stars seam)


Day Tripping

We took Leia and Leanne back to the butterfly exhibit in Santa Barbara today. 
Remember the T. Rex that Leanne loved? Leia - normally a little daredevil - was not thrilled, not even with PopPop holding her tight.
She was much happier when we got into the dino hall and she saw the bush taxi. With these two drivers, PopPop probably felt he was taking his life in his hands.
Leanne couldn't believe anyone would let her near a steering wheel. 
She was thrilled.
Since she was an old hand at this, Leanne showed Leia all around the butterfly enclosure
and helped her with her artwork (although the magnifying glass that was in the crayon box was the biggest hit with Leia).
Leia took on pushing Leanne's stroller, even though most of the paths were uphill. She really got her exercise today. 
One of my favorite things about these outings is the opportunity for natural light family shots. 
The girls were cooperative, just not especially willing to smile. 
Gotta figure out a way to get them to do that on cue . . .  

And now, just a couple few outrageous number of butterfly portraits -


Mary Poppins

We took Leia to her first stage play last night, to see Mary Poppins at the L.A. Music Center. 
It was 'family night' and they were offering a great deal on tickets. PLUS I was able to get box seats, something I've always wanted to do. We had 4 chairs in our little balcony box, a big door at the back and enough room for Leia to move around and make a little noise without disturbing others in the audience. 
Not that she did a lot of moving or noise-making once the show started. She was fascinated. And when Mary Poppins actually flew? Wide-eyed wonder. It was magic.

We stopped on the way and picked up sandwiches to enjoy on the Ahmanson's patio before the show.
It was so hot when we left home, I didn't plan for the possibility it would be chilly in L.A. Poor Leia was freezing in her sleeveless shirt and shorts. 
All the more reason to hurry in and enjoy our great seats. 
Wonder what show we can take her to next??  


Ruffle Scarf

Finished this last night and took a few pictures today.
I wasn't all that crazy about this while I was working on it, but once I saw it wrapped around Lillian's neck, I love it.
Worked a slip stitch border around the outside edge, using just dark blue and purple I cannibalized from the last ball of yarn. Wanted something besides the usual single crochet blah, blah, blah finish -

I like the thickness of the edge
and how the front
and back edges
have totally different looks. Almost as if they were bound off in knitting. 

Very happy with this one.