Hot, Hot, Hot

I'm a light weight when it comes to heat. The combination of 90 degree temps and higher-than-normal humidity is making me sick. No need for boring details; let's just say I'm glad I've lost 5 pounds, but this isn't my favorite dieting method. So tonight, when we got back from dinner at an air conditioned restaurant, Dick installed an air conditioner in my studio. It's a heavenly 76 in here now. And I'm not the only one who appreciates cool air. This shoe box was on the counter for less than 30 seconds before AJ made herself at home. She loves boxes - the smaller the better. When she got tired of this one, she found another box on the floor. At least this one had room to stretch out.
Despite the heat, Dick is working on getting the house ready for the next round of construction. Today, he put framing and drywall around the window on the family room side of my studio.
He's going to make a stained glass window to go in the open area that will hide the back of my craft cabinets. He also took a minute to hang a cuckoo clock in my studio. I love clocks - especially cuckoos - and there was not a single clock in here until now. This is the clock Kevin brought back from Germany for me. It looks a little lonely on that wall but that will change. Dick is planning to build a bookshelf on the wall between the TV and the clock to hold my books and knicky knackies. I love my (air conditioned) studio.

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Wenona said...

Sorry you haven't felt well. Isn't air conditioning great? Couldn't wait to finish my errands today so I could come home to my AC. It might be hotter here in Ojai but I'm not outside.