Farewell To Alex

Look what followed us home today.

Isn't she pretty?
Alex, our 2011 Chevy Equinox, was developing some issues, so we decided to trade up to this bigger cousin, the 2016 Chevy Traverse.
Three rows of seats - including 2 reclining, adjustable chairs in the second row - a DVD entertainment system for the little girls, and pretty red paint.

Now we'll have room for everyone to ride in comfort when Addy and her parents come out to visit. Can't wait to take the baby grands for a spin in this tomorrow!


Untimely Sweater

I finished this little pretty on the hottest day of the year  
- an all-time-record-breaking 108
But did that stop me from forcing sweet-talking Leia into modeling it for me? 
No, it did not! Poor kid. But she got frozen yogurt out of the deal, so she was happy.
I made a few changes to the original pattern (shocking, right?) but overall it was well-written, easy to follow and fun to make. My only complaint is the lack of schematics.

The shawl collar may be my favorite part of the design; so clever and comfortable.
And bonus! The button I bought on vacation in Port Townsend works perfectly.  
Now I just need the temperature to drop by about 40 degrees so I can wear this.
Where's that El Nino everyone's been talking about???  

Note: Pattern is Tall Cables by Laura Gebhardt.


Soccer Girl

Leia's game was at 8 a.m. yesterday, thank goodness. 
Temps were in the 80's already
but that was a whole lot better 
than the high 90's it hit a couple of hours later. 
That would have been much too hot for running around, 
or even sitting on the sidelines.
Leia's team was originally the Blue Dolphins, 
but the girls quickly voted to change that.
Diamond Dolphins sounds much better, at least to 7 year olds.