The Incubator Called Today

Poor Rachel. She says that since she became pregnant, people treat her like an incubator with legs. No more, "How are you?" or "How is John?" Nope. Now it's always, "How's the baby??" Well, the Incubator went to the doctor today and the baby is great. Heartbeat is 150 and he (she?) is very active. Rachel's blood pressure is slightly elevated so she will be monitoring that at home between doctor visits. The next visit is in four weeks and they will schedule the ultrasound then. So in about five weeks I should know whether to use blue or pink yarn for baby presents. (You thought she wouldn't want to know the baby's gender in advance? Silly you. The girl never could stand secrets. Which makes it all the more fun to keep things from her.) The doctor says Rachel is at 16 and a half weeks and the due date is still November 12.
Rachel and John haven't decided on baby names yet. Rachel likes Delaney for a girl (John says no). John likes Harrison for a boy (did I mention that John's last name is Hein? Harry Heiny? Nope, Harrison ain't going to work.) John's family has a tradition of "J" names for boys, so "Jackson" was briefly considered. John also suggested 'Tiberius'. Uh, no.

Rachel says naming suggestions are welcome. Chime in here, people. Here's your chance to put in your .02 worth - or to be ignored along with the rest of us (my suggestion of "Sofia" was rejected. sigh.) Extra points given for names with a sci-fi flair. I'll forward all suggestions to the prospective mom and dad. May they live long and prosper.


Anonymous said...

I'm ready to put on my thinking cap and come up with some GOOD names. :)

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious. I like Sophia if you spell it with a 'ph' and not the 'f'. The 'f' is too much like sofa.

Make sure people only suggest GIRL names, since that is what Rachel and John are having. A baby girl.

Sharon said...

Me too, me too, I agree with Lisa - girl names only folks. Did I mention pink is my favorite color?

I like, Emily, Emma, or Lilly - in case she'd like to use the girl name I never got to use, it was Katherine Dalene -so we could call her KD. If she liked Delaney she might like Dalene and it's not as “over used” as Delaney.

I hear Apple is taken, but I think Orange is still available. – What the hey - it isn’t going to be my granddaughter…………..(What’s wrong with Orange)? jk, jk

I'll shut up now and maybe you'll still be my friend? :D

Anonymous said...

When I heard about the good news from Bill, I was soooo excited. Am soooo happy. I wanted to name Kelly...Tara, but B said Kelly...guess who won. Also loved Mary Kate. Re Dalene...I know a person named that and she is a lovely person...nice name.
I too love pink!!

Knutsy Knitter said...

Congrats to the Mumma and Papa to be...my 3 girls are named Gabrielle(14), Imogen(3) and Charlotte(2)...all lovely ( if I do say so lol)girly names....and they werent common here when I named them but have heard them a bit since then.
I also looooove the name Cheyenne, but alas it doesnt fit with my kids names