Busy Weekend

This is what I awoke to on Friday. My wonderful craft room, reduced to a plastic wrapped, dust covered shambles. The third - and final - coat of stucco was refusing to stay on the wall, so Dick used a power saw to cut grooves in coat #2 to provide traction. He very carefully covered the windows and doors with plastic and placed tarps over everything in the room. Didn't work. We had clouds of dust in the house and thick layers of cement residue on all my scrapping and fiber supplies. BUT, the new layer of stucco finally adhered and on Monday we can paint the last wall and move in the remaining storage cabinets. After we clean up all that dust. Yuck.

Question: If a wall falls in the scrapping hall, should you try to catch it?
Answer: Probably not.

Wenona & I spent Friday afternoon helping Scrapbooker's Villa price, pack, load, unload, and set up for the scrapbook crop at the fairgrounds. We started about noon and by the time scrappers started showing up at 5, all was ready. I only finished one 2-page spread, but I had a lot of fun handing out lots and lots of raffle prizes. The final prize drawing for a free scrapbook cruise (I didn't win. darn.) was scheduled for 11:30 but Debra (wisely) held it at 11:00 so we could begin to clean up, tear down, and move her store booth for Saturday's stamping show.

And the falling wall? Fair staff set up 10' partitions to divide the cropping area from the (closed) rubber stamp vendors. We needed to open the partitions in order to move Debra's tables and merchandise to her new location. The wall decided it didn't want to be moved; instead, it wanted to fall on our heads. Disaster was averted when we caught it. I don't think the bone in my hand is actually broken. . . . .
but the bruise is deep and painful* and made participating in today's Fastest Crocheter Contest less than enjoyable.

And that is going to be my excuse for my less than stellar performance in the "Fastest" contest. I came in a rousing 4th - out of 5 participants. But I had fun - and ate birthday cake - and bought yet another baby crochet book and more yarn. Bright red for a cabled sweater and hat for Rachel's baby. It's cold in November in Colorado. He (she?) will need lots of cute things to keep him warm.

*Is this going to stop me from blogging or crafting? Slow me down, yes; stop me, no. I'm typing this with my left hand while my right is on ice. I already have a book on spinning with one hand. Now if I can only figure out how to do that with crochet . . . . .


Anonymous said...

Great day that was. I didn't even know about your hand. You never complained!