Not What I Had Planned

Neither the day nor the evening went as I had planned. Dick and I were busy working on my studio when we received a call reminding us that we had tickets to see 'Joseph And The Technicolor Dream Coat' at the Pantages tonight. We had completely forgotten. Fortunately, it was a very good show. Not, as Gary kept pointing out, as good as the production we saw in London two years ago. But still good.

If we had stayed home, the fireplace in my studio would be almost done.
It's not a 'real' fireplace. It burns a type of alcohol gel and doesn't require a chimney (no heat or smoke are produced; just lovely flames). Dick is building a mantle above the fireplace and bookshelves on each side. My new TV will go above the mantle. Can't wait for it to be finished!

And my evening after the play? Spent rebuilding my blog after Blogger - bless them - ate the code to more than half the template. My links, blog rings, Lila - all gone. So I spent the last four hours rebuilding it. It does look better and I learned some useful things, but I had other - better - plans for my evening. Like finishing the lovely Lisa's birthday present. A word to the wise - copy your template code, paste it into a word processing program, and save it in a safe place. You'll thank yourself someday.

I do have family news to report but I'm waiting on photos. Hopefully, I'll have them tomorrow. (Rachel! Lisa! send pictures!) (please)


Anonymous said...

ooo, what are Rachel's pictures of? I have a feeling hers are probably way more interesting than mine!

Sharon said...

Oh that's it........the suspense is killing me. Like Rachel, I want to know what's in the packages.

Thanks for the blogger templet advice. I'm soooo sorry. :(

So, other than that Miss E - How was the play?

Anonymous said...

When I got your e-mail earlier today with a blog link at the bottom, I - OF COURSE - had to click :) I'm so glad I did because that's a great idea about copying the template html for my blog. I don't know why I never thought of something so simple, particularly since I seem to mess it up so often. THANK YOU!