Baby Crochet

Finished! I love how the hat turned out. So lacy and sweet. I bought this book specifically for this pattern. And it didn't disappoint - the pattern was well written and interesting to crochet. The booties, on the other hand, I don't think I'd ever make again. The white section is all single crochet in the back loop only - I was basically working row after row, one half stitch at a time. It seemed to take forever. There are other patterns I'd like to try; no need to repeat this one.

Since Rachel doesn't know yet whether she is having a boy or a girl, this set isn't for her. It's a gift for the woman teaching tomorrow's crochet class at Anacapa Fine Yarn. She's expecting her first baby, a girl. Sure hope she likes this!

(Technical stuff: the purple yarn is Daelgarn's Baby Ull, 100% washable wool; the white is Paton's Kroy Socks yarn, 75% washable wool & 25% nylon. I used a "D" hook.)

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Sharon said...

OMG! Those are soooo adorable! I'd have bought the book too.

I hope this baby is a girl. But I guess if I can scrap boys pages with pink flowers you can crochet boys accessories in purple yarn. Why not, purple is a great color.