Good News - Bad News

Always start with the good news, right?

First, my news. I won! I won! A couple of months ago, I donated $$ to Claudia's bike ride to benefit MS, in honor of my buddy, Diane. At the time, I don't think I even knew Claudia was offering prizes. But she's a knitter and a blogger and was raising money for a charity I support, so I donated. (Claudia raised $17,800.09!!! Hooray for Claudia and all the fiber people who donated.)

Today I get an email from Claudia saying I won a 400 yard skein of hand-painted lace weight cashmere! Then I get an email from Deb of Fearless Fibers asking me to go to her eBay store and pick out any. skein. I. want. It was a tough, tough decision but I finally settled on the 'Exotic Wood' colorway.
(Deep Sea and Wisteria made the decision harder.) Can't wait to receive it!

Now, Rachel's good news. John proposed on Saturday and Rachel said yes. (What? You thought she'd say something else??) Even though there is only a little water in the lake, they went out on the boat and that's where he asked her.
Rachel promised to send pictures of her ring; ahem, still waiting. She described it as a square cut diamond in an "invisible" setting, so you can see all around the stone. Sounds lovely. Dick and I both like John a lot. He makes Rachel happy - which makes us happy.

Which brings us to the bad news. On Sunday, Rachel was backing the boat up to the dock and hit
the ramp with the propeller. The water level is so low, she didn't realize how close she was. The sudden stop threw her into the boat's dashboard and her knee took the brunt of the force. (Baby's fine.) This is the same knee that she dislocated in high school and that still gives her fits on a regular basis.

She went to the doctor today because she can't bend her leg and it hurts to touch the kneecap (which, Gary informed me, is the 'patella'. See, he did learn something in high school.) Her doctor thinks the kneecap is cracked but xrays were inconclusive; since she can't bend her leg, they weren't able to get the correct view on the scan. Rachel said the technician was not happy to have a 5-months-pregnant woman in her lab; she put at least 4 lead shields on her before they got started. As it stands now, if Rachel is still unable to bend her leg by Friday, they will do an MRI to see if the patella is broken. Please send good thoughts and healing vibes Rachel's way.

Rather than close this on a negative note, here's a scrapbook page I did earlier this year for a contest at Scrapbooker's Villa (it won). Rachel, age 10. Isn't she cute?

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Sharon said...

I was holding my breath the whole time. Thank God the baby is okay. I'll keep good thoughts for the knee.
Congrats on the new SIL.

Sharon said...

Oh and Congrats to you on your win(s).
Love the colorway you chose.

Anonymous said...

You know, 10-year-old Rachel is a dead ringer for a young Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years! :)

You'll have to excuse me. I'm an '80s baby and found that far too exciting.

Jen said...


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