So Cute When They're Asleep

Why is it that cats - just like kids - are so much cuter when they're asleep? When they're awake, they sure like to make messes. Just like the one I woke up to today. Oreo has a thing for balls of yarn. She bats them around, under and over and through things, until they are a tangled, impossible to unravel, mess. Her favorite thing is to knock them under my chair, where they get wrapped around the springs; the only way to unsnarl them out is to upend the chair and break out the scissors. And now that I'm in the process of moving from the old craft room to the studio, she has two rooms with yarn toys. I had most of the craft room yarn out of her reach; it didn't occur to me that she'd start on the studio yarn. She knocked over stacks of plastic bins and had at least six separate balls in play. What a mess.Oreo doesn't like toy balls, just yarn balls. I try to keep my good yarn (expensive stuff like Noro and my handspun) out of her reach. But it is getting harder to do. She watches where I put them, waits until I'm not looking, and then makes a grab for them. And she's learned to open drawers. (This photo is from a few weeks ago.)Which is what led to today's biggest disaster. I was keeping yarn from current projects in the top drawer next to my chair. She managed to pull the top drawer all the way out, turning it upside down in my chair. The other two drawers got knocked to the ground, along with a drinking glass, books, stitch markers & other miscellanea. Good thing she's cute or she'd be looking for a new home about now.

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I'm laughing too hard to comment!