Happy Birthday, Lisa! (And FO!)

Today is Lisa's twenty-something birthday. (Yes, I know which birthday, but I'm not telling.) She celebrated at work with a party featuring the fabulous fresh fruit basket her mother sent. Mouthwateringly gorgeous. Matt had to work, so Dick, Gary and I took Lisa to dinner at her favorite Italian restaurant. It is the only one she has found, in the entire area, that has "real" cannoli. And for an Italian girl, real cannoli is a must on your birthday. The meal was great - as always - and at the end, the wait staff sang Happy Birthday (Lisa was thoroughly embarrassed) and presented Lisa with ice cream, which Gary was happy to eat since Lisa still wanted her cannoli. The silver bracelet she's modeling - along with a ring that's not pictured - was her birthday gift from Matt. He also sent the three bouquets of roses pictured on her desk at 'blog central'. (One on Monday, another on Tuesday and the final one today. He's a pretty smart guy.) Dick and I gave Lisa a necklace with blue stones and a blue afghan that I made. It's huge - it covered most of our dining room floor when I laid it out to photograph. But it should keep Lisa warm on the nights Matt has to work.
(Finished Object (FO) Technical Stuff: made with Lion Brand's Homespun in Montana Sky, Windsor, and Delft using an "N" hook.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for celebrating my birthday with me, and especially for my gorgeous afghan. I absolutely love it and can't wait to sleep with it tonight!! I'm very lucky to have you guys.

Sharon said...

Woo-hoo!!! What a lovely birthday. Love the fruit basket; it's absolutely gorgeous.

I thought I could wish Lisa a happy birtday at her site, but no comments to do so. Sooooo in case you're reading Lisa ..... Happy Birthday!
E'- I LOVE the afghan - it is just GORGEOUS!!!
Matt is a pretty smart cookie - he obviously had good role models. ;D

Anonymous said...

I agree, Happy Birthday Lisa!

Beautiful afghan! The rest of her gifts are pretty too. What good 'twenty something' birthday. :)