It Is What It Is

Rachel: "So Matt, how are the wedding plans coming?"

Matt: "It is what it is."

We celebrated Marie's 21st birthday tonight, two days early.
Marie and Jen plan to celebrate their joint birthdays (happy 20th, Jen!) with a 3-day trip to Hollywood and Universal Studios beginning tomorrow. In keeping with family tradition, Marie chose the dinner location - California Pizza Kitchen; she loves the chicken and avocado eggroll appetizer and the chocolate souffle dessert.

Matt and Lisa gave Marie a beautiful stone pendant
and a silver & blue bracelet. We gave Marie a digital camera (slightly early so she could take it on our Paris trip) and a custom painted spindle with the artwork of her favorite artist.
During dinner, Matt mentioned that Rachel had called earlier in the day. She asked about wedding plans, and much to Lisa's annoyance, Matt's only reply was "It is what it is." No details, no "I'll let you talk to Lisa"; just "It is what it is." That became the catch phrase of the night. It is what it is.

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