Separated At Birth

We joke that cousins Gary & Breanne were separated at birth, despite their 6 year age difference. They are so much alike, it is sometimes scary. They finish each other's sentences, like the same music and artists (Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher), laugh at the same jokes, and have the same temperaments. And they can both fall asleep anywhere, including the family room sofas at 4:30 in the afternoon.
Breanne (science major at Pepperdine) is determined that Gary (high school senior) will continue his education into college. She is very good at encouraging him, editing his term papers, and helping him with math concepts. Today, she took him along on a college field trip at the Getty to study Impressionist painters. The lecture was "dry" but they both enjoyed the paintings, comparing them to art they saw on our recent Paris trip. Next up? A jaunt to CSU Santa Cruz and UC Santa Barbara to see if Gary might like to attend those schools.

Progress was made on the craft room. Susie suggested I call it the "Studio" since I will use it for my fiber arts. So, studio it is. I really like how the green paint looks against the oak cabinets*.
Dick finished framing the window and I unloaded the cabinets in my old craft room so they could be moved into the studio. Next up is organizing my various stashes so they can be loaded into the cupboards. One cabinet will be for scrapbooking supplies and the other for ready-to-spin rovings. Fleece and large amounts of roving will be kept in plastic tubs. See that stack of storage bins to the right of the cabinets? Not a huge stash, right? Yeah, except I still have all this to move there as well. Dick is going to build an oak cabinet to fit around the bins so they will blend into the room and I will still have easy access to them.

I plan to organize my yarn by type/usage and put it in the drawers of one cabinet and in the clear plastic drawers above. The four cabinets and drawers along the window wall will each hold supplies for one craft - weaving, spinning, crochet, and scrapbooking. Progress is slow, but steady. I love my studio!

*Curious about the fish? Gary won them at Sea World several years ago by knocking over milk cans with a baseball. It was 3 balls for $1. He won the red fish with the first dollar - and with his second dollar, he won the purple fish for me! He kept the red fish in his room until he out grew it. The red fish now belongs to AJ; she claimed it as her own when I had it on top of a cabinet in my previous craft room. She loves sleeping with the fishes. (sorry!)


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