Spinning Tools

I Have A Picker

I am now the proud owner of one-third of a picker. Not this kind - or this kind - but the kind that requires tetnus shots and elbow length leather gloves:

And comes with at least four warning labels:

And has its own padlock and five - count 'em, five! - bolts that must be undone before you can operate it.

You know - this kind:

That, my friends, is a Hardrock Maple Patrick Green Triple Picker. Susie, Sharon and I are sharing ownership of this beauty. And what does a picker do? According to Patrick Green, "This is the perfect fiber-preparation tool to tease, open and blend fibers to prepare them for carding."

I feed washed wool onto the intake tray and carefully pull back the swinging top.

As I push it forward, the picker pulls in the wool, passes it through the 600 (!) razor sharp teeth (ask me how I know they are razor sharp . . . .),

and then drops the picked wool into a basket under the picker as I pull the top back for another pass.

And does it "perfectly" prepare fiber for spinning? It does. The fiber I've pulled off the picker has been lighter than air and ready for spinning; no carding required.

I'm in love. Now if I could only get the bleeding to stop . . . .

New Toys

I've added a few more toys to my stash. First up is a Greensleeves Queen Sceptre Jane Seymour spindle, Purpleheart on Blackwood, weighing 1.5 oz. I bought it from a lady in New York who is destashing. It's gorgeous!

I also purchased a Rakestraw spinner. I'm told that you can spin with it in a car or airplane - the spinning motion keeps it in your lap rather than having to hold it in front of you. I haven't tried it yet, but can't wait to do so. The Rakestraw link has a video demostration.

I also bought a small, handpainted spindle from an artist in Ojai. Robin has just begun making spindles. This is the smaller size - I also have one of her larger spindles and it spins very well.

If there's a 12-Step program for spinning tool junkies, please don't tell me. I'm having too much fun.


Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of Gary 'picking' his guitar.

I admit it, I just don't have the 'picking' bug, or the 'spinning' bug etc. You do the picking, spinning and everything else for me and I'll crochet and knit it, okay?
But, I do love how excited you get. I really love seeing your toys!

Sharon said...

LOL - I have the exact same gloves - Gotta love Target eh?
I spent the day at "the studio" today - can't wait to go back. :D

You should see the looms, and............OMG they have everything. woo-hoo!
Fun, I'm tellin' ya, fun, fun, fun. I needed a fun day "BIG TIME". :D