Finished object! (What did you think it meant??) Tiny little baby booties. Aren't they adorable? This is the first baby item I've made from the stash of books I bought recently. This particular book ("Baby Steps") has patterns for 12 different booties. And I may make all 12 - the patterns are well written, fun and - best of all - fast.

At Saturday's birthday party at Anacapa Fine Yarns, I added this book to my collection. I fell in love with the cabled baby sweater and hat - which I plan to make in Christmas red. I hope the pattern is written better than the ones in her Felted Crochet book; I wasn't impressed with that book. Nice ideas, pretty pictures; I didn't like how the patterns turned out.

Today is the start of the Summer Spinning Challenge - and I spun! My goal is to spin 4 hours each week and to spin enough of "Grover" (a gorgeous 7.5 pound silver gray Lincoln-Columbia fleece) to make myself a sweater. I spun for 2 hours today, but not on Grover. I spun this: into this: This is BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) dyed by Janel Laidman that I bought from Stick & Stone Fiberarts in Van Nuys. I love the colors - so sunny and cheerful.

And to top the day off, look what arrived in the mail.
I ordered new drive bands (love the colors!) for Bekki (Ashford Traveler) and the temperamental Eleanor (Dundas wheel) and a sizing guide that will hopefully help me spin more consistent yarn. Susan at Spinning Bunny got these to me in just 3 days. I'm impressed!


Unknown said...

Elisa, I learned how to spin waaaaaay back when and I am looking for a good instruction book to explain how to use my drop spindle. Do you have any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

Love the booties. LOVE the color! I'm looking forward to seeing each baby item as you make them. :)

Sharon said...

Ohhhhh I want to go to Sticks and Stones with you the next time you go.

The booties are ADORABLE!!!