The Joys of Summer

Summer School Rant - You may want to skip this section.

Summer school started today for the teenager. Summer classes at Cam High run from 7:40 a.m. to noon. He signed up - back in March - for English, which he needs to graduate next June. We got him to school by 7:40 . . . . and by 9:15, said teenager is back home. WTH?? Seems not enough students signed up for summer English, so the District cancelled the class. Back in April. Without telling anyone. They didn't bother to notify the parents or those students who did sign up. Did I mention he needs this class to graduate?!?!?

Being a very unhappy camper, I called the school. Explained the problem. "We'll call you back." Fumed. Worried. Got a call back. Negotiated a compromise (No, he really can't go to another school in the district. No, he can't take the class in adult ed next year (he has to take another class that he also needs to graduate). Yes, he really, really needs to attend summer school or he won't graduate.)

So, he is taking a math class first session and an elective second session.
(horticulture?!? They cancel all the English classes in summer session but they still offer HORTICULTURE???) And in August, I get to call his counselor and try to get him in the English class for Fall session. He'll have two English classes at the same time, but he'll survive. Fortunately, he does pretty well in English.


I am so stealing this idea. She's right. It's brilliant!

Moms and Dads, has your teen done something horrible and is on restriction?

Do they keep asking you dumb questions, like if they can do stuff (like breathe and smile)?

Do what I did when I got tired of giving the same answer - make a sign!

It's amazingly effective! Now all I have to do is point ;o)"

Le Tour de Fleece

I signed up for another spinning challenge. Le Tour de Fleece takes place during the Tour de France, beginning July 1 and ending on or before July 23. Each participant sets their own goal; doesn't matter what the specific goal is, the idea is to challenge yourself. Those who meet their challenge will get a 'yellow jersey' award button for their blog, much like the award buttons given out during the Knitting Olympics.

My goal for Le Tour is different than my goal for the Summer Spinning Challenge. The Challenge goes for several months; I want to spin an entire fleece into yarn for a sweater. For Le Tour de Fleece, my challenge will be to get Bekki, my new-to-me Ashford Traveler, into spinning condition and then spin 8 oz of roving from my stash into a sport-weight yarn for a shawl. Bekki needs a new drive band - which I just received - and some tweaking before she will spin well. I'm really looking forward to getting to know her better. Let the Tour begin!


Sharon said...

I can't believe that school can be so unorganized. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I would be livid.

I love the sign. (GRIN) I almost can't wait to use it. :D Just one of the perks of being the "Mom".