Things I Learned Today

It's been an interesting day. I learned:

  • Dick wants to carve alabaster and found someone to give him pointers. While at the Thousand Oaks ArtWalk today, Dick started talking to one of the artists. Turns out the guy is 78 years old (doesn't look it!) and this is his last show - Arthur Ritus* is getting the better of him. We're going back tomorrow; the man is bringing Dick some books and practice materials, and will give D a lesson between customers.
  • I'm a Swan. I took the "Which Spindle Are You" quiz that I found on another blog. According to that, I'm "open, spiritual, creative, and down-to-earth." And who am I to argue? Better a Swan than an ugly duckling.

Which Spindle Are You?

  • FireFox Rules! I've had lots of trouble with Blogger lately - it wouldn't let me add pictures and froze a lot. I was tired of deleting my cookies and uncaching my cache and was ready to scrap it and find another software program. Guess what? It wasn't Blogger's fault. As a last resort, I downloaded Mozilla's FireFox browser and my Blogger problems disappeared. And my Internet browsing is faster - significantly faster. And there is less chance of viruses and other nastiness invading my computer. I'm a convert - no more Internet Explorer for me. Want to try FireFox for yourself? (You really should. I HIGHLY recommend it.) Just click the link in my sidebar ---->
  • The Crochet Poet's Pattern Collection has more links than I can possibly click in my lifetime. Not that I'm not going to try. Go look. You won't believe it either. And I quote, "This site is dedicated to all my fellow crocheters who have ever experienced that desperate search for a link you know you've run across, and know you should have bookmarked then but didn't, and now when you want it cannot find it no matter what you've tried." And thanks to Susie who sent me this link. (Yeah, I needed something else to do with all my spare time . . . . .)
  • Why the sky is blue - the sun'’s rays hit the Earth's atmosphere, where the light is scattered by nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the air. The blue wavelength of this light is affected more than the red and green wavelengths, causing the surrounding air to appear blue.
  • Why the grass is green - grass appears green because all of the colors of the rainbow are absorbed into the leaves of the grass except green.
  • And why clouds are white - the water droplets in the clouds are large enough to scatter the seven colors which combine to produce white.
  • And I learned that Lisa has one of the best jobs on the planet. If I ever have to go back to work, I definitely want her job. The Friday Recap rules!

*My late, much loved Granny Toe always said she wanted a divorce from Arthur Ritus but he loved her too much to give her up.


FaerieLady said...

I've used FireFox for almost a year now and love it! The only thing I don't like is that several sites, such as FAFSA, do not support firefox, so the only time I use IE happens to be when I have to access those websites.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links in... but hands off my job!! :)

I'm glad you're enjoying FireFox. It is definitely the superior browser.

Sharon said...

I love your Granny Toe more every day.