Spinning Challenge

I'm a bit disappointed with my progress for the first week of the Summer Spinning Challenge. My goal is to spin 4 hours each week - which I did. The other part is to spin Grover, a 7.5 pound fleece, into yarn for a sweater. I didn't spin any of Grover this week - I'm still working on the BFL I bought at Stick and Stone Fiberarts. But I did get more of Grover washed. Before the Challenge began, I had divided the fleece into "best" and "seconds"; all of the "best" wool is now washed and drying. I love the color and crimp in this fleece. It is truly gorgeous.
I plan to use the new picker on Grover and each night I make plans to do it the next day. And each day, something else comes up that "must" be done. Since I have to give Susie the picker next Wednesday, I better get my rear in gear and get something accomplished.

But not tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to finish my part of Vickie's birthday present so Wenona can start her part on Saturday. And Saturday is wedding dress shopping with Lisa. Sunday is
also taken - we are taking the double decker bus tour of L.A. with Lisa and her maid of honor, who is visiting from New York. I've lived in California for 30+ years and never done the bus tour. Can't wait to play tourist! But that means I won't get any picking done until Monday. This is exactly why I signed on for the Challenge. I need to concentrate and spin!

Earlier this week I bowed to Gary's pleas and allowed him, for the first time, to get his hair cut without parental supervision. Just for grins, I took a before
photo: and here is the after photo. Or maybe this is the before and that one is the after. Hard to tell, isn't it? Needless to say, parental guidance will be back in force for the next haircut. For $20, I'd like to see more than just one hair cut.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't scroll to the 2nd photo of Gary's hair right away. Was so excited that he got it cut and then...... Okay, I know long hair on boys was the style when we were teenagers and, yes, I probably liked it. I probably had a crush on a long haired guy. But I'm old(er) now and I don't like it anymore.
Do you think Gary will care about my opinion? haha

A tour of LA? That should be fun. Will it be like the tour 'I Love Lucy' took? Are you going to jump out at star's homes and steal fruit?

Sharon said...

I'm with Gary - I love it long. I wish my boys looked good with long hair. they always end up with these helmet heads - their hair just poof's in a big round helmet type looking thing.
GARY'S HAIR LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!! It's summer - "cut" the kid a break.
I'm on your side Gary.