The King of Construction

Tired of seeing construction pictures yet? Yes? Sorry, I'll go through them quickly. This is Dick: This is Dick putting stucco on the wall: This is the wall with stucco: Fast enough? Dick put the first layer of mud over the holes where the windows used to be. It has to dry before he can put on the next layer - and the next - before the final paint goes on.

You may have gathered from previous postings that we have only 2 cats. Actually, there are three. Snickers was our first cat. When Matt was in high school, he talked Dad into letting him get a kitten. Snickers was a tiny little thing and easily fit in the palm of Matt's hand. She rode around on his shoulders and slept with him every night. Snicker's nickname is "Chicken Kitty". She is afraid of everything. If you sneeze too loudly she will run for cover. One of her favorite places is under a blanket in the middle of my bed. She will happily stay there all day. And all night. She gets highly offended when she is 'asked' to leave at bedtime. So, why not more pictures of Snickers, you ask? Even though I feed her and pet her and put the blanket over her everyday, the cat does not like me. She is a Daddy's girl. She will follow Dick and curl up with him every chance she gets. And while he has been heard to say that he doesn't like cats, he also moves over on the bed or couch to make sure she has enough room. Oh well, at least Oreo and AJ like me.


Sharon said...

Isn't snickers the one that was chummy with me? I remember you telling me "she doesn't go to anyone". I didn't realize the extent nor did I know she was nicknamed "Chicken Kitty". She is soooo beautiful. :D
I miss MY kitty. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, she follows me around too. And will come when I call (sometimes). So she's my kitty too. :( (pout) I fell so left out.