Home Front, Part II

We continue to put finishing touches on the remodel. Yesterday Dick put the towel rack in Marie's bathroom (excitement!)

and hung the curtain rod and curtain in Gary's room. Gary wanted an all black room; his spoil-sport mom said, "Noooooooo!" But we've done our best to decorate the room to suit him. His curtains are black with metal rings at the top. And his carpet is black. Sort of. It's actually black and gray with specks of red and yellow. And it's commercial-grade carpeting. Although I'm sure they will try, it will take a lot for Gary & his friends to damage this stuff!

But the best part is that my new craft room is now usable. The curtains went up yesterday and the tie-ups went on tonight. I'm not totally happy with how they look; I'll probably tweak them in the next few days. The corner counter will be used for scrapbooking; I'll probably put my computer there also. The cabinets on the left will hold craft supplies, as will the floor to ceiling cabinets that are not yet installed on the back wall. Looking good, right? Wellllll, until you look on the other side of the room.

Still a little bit of work to be done. But we're getting there.