Spindle Heaven & Over Achievers

My meager collection of spindles is growing! Yesterday I received a spindle I had ordered from Crowhill House Fiberworks. Jen does the most amazing work. The spindle at left is for daughter #2, Marie, who loves fairies and all things magical. It is absolutely gorgeous. The whorl is 3" across and the shaft is 14", longer than previous Crowhill spindles. I also have a Crowhill House spindle featuring kitty A.J. and a selection of custom painted knitting needles. Jen and her spindles are featured in the current edition of Spindlicity.

And if that wasn't enough, also in the mail this week was a new spindle from Halla. I saw her work through the Spindlers Yahoo group and fell in love with her pansy spindles. Believe me, this photo doesn't do justice to the real thing. But can it spin, you ask? Like a dream!

My first spindle was a Kundert and it is still one of my favorites. Also a favorite is my Emily spindle from the Wool Room - it spins forever! On my wish list? A Lady Ann, a Greensleeves, and a Bosworth or three.

On the home front, Dick decided to replace the mailbox stand that was broken in our recent remodeling adventure. Can the man buy a 2x4, stick it in the ground & screw a new mailbox on top? No, of course not! It took him a few days - and a few "French" words - but the results are fantastic. We definitely have the dressiest mailbox in the neighborhood. (The black grout in the photo washed off the brick surface.)


Anonymous said...

Wishing I could see the finished product, Elisa............? Nice mailbox Dick.

Jen said...

Thank you so much for the nice mention!
Crowhill House Fiberworks