The Princess Can Shoot

Breanne's friend Al, "He's not my boyfriend", has nicknamed her the "Princess". He says, "What the Princess wants, the Princess gets." The name really suits & I've started calling Breanne the Princess also.

And what did the Princess want when she came up to visit this weekend? First - Uncle Dick's world famous French toast. Second - to go shooting. And did the Princess get what she wanted? Of course she did! Dick took Gary & Breanne to an indoor shooting range in Oxnard. Breanne had been shooting once before when she was seven but didn't remember much from the experience. Turns out she's a natural. After a short lesson, she peppered two targets. And can she shoot? I'll let you be the judge. Not too bad! And does she want to do it again? Yep - just as soon as she gets time off from her summer school classes at Pepperdine. Look out world. The Princess can shoot.


Anonymous said...

I had to get the princess trait from someone...I'll give you two guesses but I think u'll get it on the first try :) I LOVE YOU!!!!

Sharon said...

I see law enforcement in the princesses future. At least I hope she on the side of the law. Otherwise you're right - look out world the princess can shoot.

Way to go Princess!!! My husband used to call me that. Now he calls me Buttercup, which, as my sister says, is better than Butterball.